Psychotherapy and Curanderismo

I used to work with the Behavioral Mental Health agency and Being Latina, I wanted to mention to everyone that, If I would get the opportunity to work with mental health, and would have liked to integrate the psychotherapy and curanderisimo into our mental health services to better serve the Latino community. As you read… Continue reading Psychotherapy and Curanderismo

The Divine white light, Why Use It?

I meet many people and even if they don’t know too much about the angels, I hear people talk about the white light. I call it the “Divine White Light.” Many people use it without knowing anything else about how it works. They are interested in its power to heal, protect, and shield you from… Continue reading The Divine white light, Why Use It?

Have you seen the future?

Some people have the gift of seeing something that comes true. Seeing it in their dreams, or visions. Does this happen to you? Can you be somewhere new and it feels familiar? They call this de-ja-vu. What is de-ja-vu? It is a feeling that one has lived the present situation before. Although some interpret Deja-vu… Continue reading Have you seen the future?