Sleep/Relaxation Induction

Sleeping is a very important habit to get into. Sleep is a very important life necessity. I do not have to remind you of all kinds of things that could go wrong, especially if you’re a surgeon, a transportation driver, airline operator. Lack of sleep affects our lives in every way. Here are some tips… Continue reading Sleep/Relaxation Induction

What are Good Luck charms

Do they really work? That is a very good question? I have been asked this question by my clients and some even want me to activate an object of theirs or something they believe is lucky and bless it. Clearly, luck is a state of mind. … “Lucky people are far more satisfied with all areas of their lives… Continue reading What are Good Luck charms

Luna institute of Curanderos

This institute was founded by me in 2002. I used it to train people to learn the old tradition of healing with alternative methods of healing. Many immigrants, or people who work in an agriculture career, cannot afford medical expenses and are accustomed to going to an herbalist or a village doctor taught old traditional… Continue reading Luna institute of Curanderos

Do You Believe in Superstition?

Some percentage of the world’s population believe in superstition.  What is superstition? Although there is no one single definition of superstition, it generally means a belief in supernatural forces – such as fate – the desire to influence unpredictable factors and a need to resolve uncertainty or just in case it is a superstition, and… Continue reading Do You Believe in Superstition?

Activation of Items for Positive Energy

This may seem silly or weird. I have used my Curandero skills and ability for activativation of items for positive energy, like figures of Angels, gems or stones, vitamins, or medications. I do this by first using my pendulum to check on the energy already in them. For example, my vitamin D3, I don’t always… Continue reading Activation of Items for Positive Energy