For over 30 years, Rosa M. Luna is an Author, Educator, Entrepreneur, Curandera, Public Speaker, Olympia Life Coach, Reiki Master Trainer, Certified Trauma Advisor, and a Certified Clinical Hpynotherapist assisting all those who need healing or would want to heal others or themselves. physically, personally, spiritually, and mentally.

Rosa brings the wisdom of working in a world for over thirty years. Motivating and inspiring others while sharing her knowledge and experiences and techniques to help the audience meet their personal goals.

Rosa has helped individuals transform their lives connections that count.

Rosa draws upon practical know-how, life’s experiences, and years of consulting with major community partners and religious institutions.

Need a plan to make a great life, healing trauma, healing mental, physical and emotional trauma, and loss of self-control in your life; Which is probably something you’ve always wanted for yourself!

Rosa M. Luna is ready to share her time-tested techniques and in-depth knowledge from years of experience.

Rosa speaks about the 21st Century,  Methods of healing, using what you may already have to start a new life.. The world has changed greatly and in order to survive, we must adapt to new ways of life, using us as models. If you believe you can learn to assist others in learning ways to survive and healing, Then join Rosa to teach, heal others by learning new ways to survive trauma, abuse and learn to love yourself and make the world better.


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