Stressed about something?

Why do we impose so much stress on ourselves?  We are always stressing about something. Are we addicted to it?  All pressure is self-imposed. I cannot remember who mentioned this, but stress is our choice. Someone or something else is making us feel like, this is against our will.   We may have the will… Continue reading Stressed about something?

What do angels think of suicide?

Have you experienced a friend or relative who has committed suicide? Leaving us devastated and sad. What do you think your higher power or our angels think or believe about suicide? There are so many negative claims about those who take their lives into their own hands. Have you ever thought of doing the same?… Continue reading What do angels think of suicide?

Shifting our Mood Along with Earth

Isn’t this the hardest thing to do? Is it possible to keep a good attitude, at work, at home, or just anywhere? Shifting your mood is not really that hard. Really, especially when you are being grateful at the moment of feeling sad, depressed, or negative. Don’t you just hate…hate is a strong word. When… Continue reading Shifting our Mood Along with Earth

How to Hear Your Angels

I just cannot say enough about our angels. They speak to us all the time and show us stuff we might be thinking of. It just so happens someone talks about what you have been thinking of or wondering. You may be seeing it in something you are reading. There are just too many coincidences.… Continue reading How to Hear Your Angels

What is Claircognizance?

Do you get answers, when in a class, or training? Do you feel your claircognizance? You get an answer that you don’t even know how you know this answer or why? There is a name for what that is called, actually several names, here are the following. Are You a Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Claircognizant, Or Clairsentience?… Continue reading What is Claircognizance?