Spiritual Tingling Means

Tingling sensation on the back of the neck, tingling or goosebumps on your arms. a chill.  Spiritual tingling sensation, means? A chill could mean you are cold. But spiritually, what does that mean if it is not cold? That is your body is feeling something around your aura, there’s energy around you, It could mean… Continue reading Spiritual Tingling Means

Limpiada de Huevo Cleansing with an Egg

Have you heard of Limpiada de huevo cleansing with an egg to cure a headache, stomach aches, cramps, removing of entities, anyone who has placed an “evil eye”?  (Energy with bad intentions) or strong energy desire of a person. Using an egg is a healing modality administered by rubbing it all over a person’s body… Continue reading Limpiada de Huevo Cleansing with an Egg

How to Experience your loving guides

Isn’t this interesting? I have believed this, because of my mother, that we have guides. some special beings who are celestial are invisible to the individuals’ eyes, or some of us can hear them, feel them, or see them in our mind’s eye. Please have an open mind. Spirit guides are very positive beings. if… Continue reading How to Experience your loving guides

Relief for fussy baby

Hi, my name is Rosa M. luna, I am a Curandera/healer, I am into folk healing and a Reiki Master and teacher. I am also a certified Clinical Hypnotists therapist. I have been working as a Curandera therapist for almost 30 years. Assisting people with many problems including a fussy baby. I wanted to tell… Continue reading Relief for fussy baby