How Can I Heal Myself

Do you have hope in healing yourself? That is really up to you. We have the habit of thinking negatively about ourselves. I don’t like how I look; my body is not how I want it to be, I am too fat, my hair is too thin. We all do this; you are not the only one. How often do you think positive thoughts about yourself.?

Are you saying you are not good enough? I am not worth it? OK, ask yourself, you are not good enough for whom? According to who’s standards? Who is making the rules in your life, about how you are to look, feel, or even think about yourselves? What you think about yourself will affect you, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Have you ever called into work and just say, I am not coming in because you have a bad headache, and then gave yourself a headache? Isn’t that amazing, just so that it wouldn’t sound like a lie? Our minds are so powerful if we just give ourselves an opportunity to utilize them.

In the same way, you can actually heal yourself. Our minds are so amazing.  It’s our innermost believes that gives us this power. Many diseases come from how we feel about ourselves, life, our attitude about how things are going right now, the bills, or job, our relationship with those we care about.

The way we think, our thoughts are negative, which alone affect our physical bodies. Our thoughts make a big difference in how we deal with our reality. Have you ever awoken on your day off and felt great, or content because it was a day you did not have to go to work?

Just from the start of the day, you were in a good mood? As you went on with the rest of the day, that good feeling faded away.  Maybe you started thinking of the many things you had to do before Monday?

Like the laundry, shopping, a list for shopping, how much money you have left to buy other things, other than food, gas for the rest of the month. Worry, worry, worry.

There goes that good feeling. Right? So now we are starting to get a sore throat, we get cold because we have not given our bodies that much need rest or we are not sleeping long enough. There is a reason we get sick. Are our thoughts negative most of the time?

Have we not laughed, smiled, talked, or seen someone we enjoy being with? Healing ourselves has a lot to do with taking the time to be with ourselves.

This Is what you will need:

  • Private time, a special space
  • Even if you have to lock yourself in the bathroom
  • Find 15 to 20 minutes of meditation.
  • Take 4 Breaths and on your 4th breath count to 6 in your mind and release
  • If you have to do the 4th breath again until you feel relaxed
  • Now focus on the area where the discomfort is or pain.
  • Placing the white light of the divine spirit.
  • Hold that image for as long as you can, leaving the white light of the divine on that certain spot.
  • At this point your thoughts will jump in. go back to focusing on the white light. Try for it is not easy,
  • Your thoughts keep interfering. This is learned the more you practice this exercise.
  • Self-discipline will come.
  • Before coming back to how you were.
  • Continue to keep your eyes closed
  • Take 4 breaths again and on the 4th breath, hold your breath to the count of 6 in your mind.

Do this several times until pain or discomfort eases or goes away. When I did this for a more serious illness, it took me 3 days of straight 3-day focus, and within the 3 days of what I was worried about was gone. It was physical, I thought I had breast cancer. Gone.

I had a client who was to have surgery on her colon she had 3 pulps in her colon. I gave my client the same advice and she took it. On the day of her surgery, Doctor took an ultrasound, to check on the colon, they were gone.

Would you believe they operated on her anyway, He stated he did not trust Ultrasounds? He did not find all 3 pulps, they were gone. I was there to support her. They showed us the pictures. She requested a copy of the pictures to remind her of the power of prayer and Reiki.


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