Soldier Haunted by K.I.A.

In one of my sessions with a former Soldier, who was visiting from another country, he was brought in by another of my clients. He stated that every time after dinner his stomach would ache.

This had just started since he had gotten here to the United States. “Maybe the food here does not agree with my digestive system” He stated. He was staying with a family who took him in.

They were from the same “pueblo” as he and the family were only here temporarily during the cherry-picking season.

I used an ancient remedy that my mom used when someone had stomach aches. I would take a dishtowel and I would cut an onion and three eggs, scramble them fold the towel over them, and place them on his stomach or belly button area for about 15 to 20 minutes while the towel was still warm from the scrambled eggs and onions..

This would help take the illness/ bad energy out of the area. I also recommended not to drink anything during his food intake.

He came back the next week and stated it help for three to four days and it started hurting again. Using my pendulum, I checked his charkas.

I felt that there was a heaviness on the left side of his body. It was an attachment.  Placing my protection on me, I asked my angels to connect with his angels and my guides as well and to please let me know what was going on.

When I am having some difficulty discovering what is happening with a person, I request my physic reading friends for help. They will connect my angels and guides and I will sometimes receive images in my mind. Or feelings on or around my body.

In this case, I saw a man in uniform (my client) holding someone in his arms. This person died in his arms. I told my client what I had seen and he stated he was at war in El Salvador, and one of his friends had died in his arms.

His friend had asked him not to leave him alone, my client responded he wouldn’t.

His friend had been shot in his stomach and had a lot of blood around that area. He stayed with his friend until he died in his arms.

I asked my client if he would allow me to take his friend back home to his family. Spiritually, of course. He said yes.

I took my pendulum and asked his friend to step out of his friend’s energy and attach himself and his energy to my pendulum.

My pendulum started circling in a clockwise manner, going around and around in a circle.  I explained that if he believed in Jesus and he said he did. I mentioned that Jesus had died for our sins and if he has been released from his sins and if he believed in Jesus he was free to go home and is now safe to go home where those he knows and loved were waiting for him.

I requested that his guides appear to him and walk him home, keeping him safe as he crossed over to his family and look your favorite animals are waiting for him as well.

I requested that as soon as he has crossed over safely, please take his energy and his residues from his friend’s body and release them from his friend.

My pendulum will stop as he releases and then, all of a sudden, my pendulum stopped.  My client was dumbfounded. That is what it was? You will find out after super tonight. He said he felt lighter.

I received a phone call late that night, his stomach did not hurt, even when he drank fluids during dinner. He showed up on Sunday with a big box of freshly picked Bing cherries. He thanked me. His pain was gone. He said he thanked his friend in prayer as I had requested he should do.




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