What do angels think of suicide?

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Have you experienced a friend or relative who has committed suicide? Leaving us devastated and sad. What do you think your higher power or our angels think or believe about suicide? There are so many negative claims about those who take their lives into their own hands.

Have you ever thought of doing the same? That’s okay, many of us do. Heaven might not like it, but they do not judge you.   Religion claims it is a sin and you will go to hell or a dungeon or purgatory. I remember as religious persons we would pray for our loved ones, to get them out of that dungeon or purgatory. Which was so cruel to the family of the deceased.

Actually, the angels and heavenly assistants would be like mental health counselors to those who committed suicide. They would be surrounded by angels, wrapped in a warm cocoon-like blanket and spiritually helped.

They would be trained to be spirit guides or taught to go back and be successful, it was to be their choice.  Our prayers also help uplifted them and heal them. There is no need to pray them out of anything. They are out of pain and doing really well.

They are sorry they placed their loved ones in such pain, they even feel guilty. They are in such loving hands with the angels, and they forgive themselves for the pain they placed on family, friends, and those that loved them.

Here, back on earth, we are feeling guilty, “I wish I could have done this or that.” Dealing with our guilt and forgiving ourselves is the hardest. In reality, guilt is like a form of an attack on our conscience. Guilt is not a form of love for our beloved.

When we feel guilt, it is really a disguise of dis-respecting our loved one’s free will. You could see it that way. Who wants their loved one to commit suicide? I believe guilt is the first thing you feel.

“How I wish I could have been there for them.”

“I should of stopped by to visit more.”

“I should have talked to them more.”

“If only I…….”

The guilt goes on until you can forgive yourself.

I will repeat what many kind-hearted people say and do, even though their intentions come with love. “Give it time. Time will heal all.” But how about the pain you feel now? You are strongly dismissing their current feelings. What can you do? You can set up a GoFundMe page or join the ranks of “Suicide Prevention groups” from anywhere you live.

Visiting their monument and talking to them helps. There is no magic pill, unfortunately.  We all wish there was. You can do something in their honor as well…

You can always talk to your loved one whenever you want to communicate with them, they will listen. Somehow, they will let you know that they heard you. You see a butterfly, hear their favorite song, smell their favorite perfume or cologne they used to wear. You will definitely know it’s them.

Our loved ones are given free will again, as they will continue to communicate with us. They will be given a choice of coming back as our nephews, nieces, parents, or grandchild.

If you are feeling suicidal or are having suicidal thoughts. Please contact the National Suicide Prevention line at, 1800- 273-8255    or dial 9-1-1.




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