Ringing in Your Ears? What Does it Mean?

This happens to lightworkers off and on. I wanted to mention it because at times this is how some of the spiritual heavenly beings sound to some of us. Do you have to be someone with really special gifts to hear ringing in your ears? No.

Many of us are wanderers of all these special things that happen to us and just dismiss it as a fluke. Then it stops and we think it was just a symptom of an earache or earwax. As I understand it, it could be an angel or one of your guides trying to give you a message; because they are in another dimension, they sound like birds or a very high pitch.

How will you know?  The ringing is only in one ear. When I learned about all this, I kept a closer examination of sounds in my ears. When all this happens, I request or just ask them to “speak more clearly.”

They sound like a very tiny voice trying to get your attention. Check your tingles, vibrations, or those goosebumps.  It could be coming from a question you have asked or a prayer you need an answer to.

When you are doing a reading you normally get visions or a thought pops up in your mind. You feel so much love it brings tears to your eyes. Those are your angels, your guides, and/or a spiritual being speaking to you.

For example, you’re laying in bed, and all of a sudden you get a high-pitched ringing in your right ear. That is a sign that a spiritual being is trying to give you a message. It is coming through your crown chakra.  Other times, you may hear white noise or a loud and sudden ringing. Ask your angels to speak louder and in a voice, you can understand.

My bedroom was located upstairs, and my hearing is not good. My refrigerator was making a loud sound. I thought something broke inside the motor, but then it stopped. It never occurred to me that it was a sign that my angels or spirit guide wanted my attention. We/I dismiss it as something else.  Like the onset of tinnitus coming on.  With tinnitus it is a ringing in both ears 24/7 it does not stop and you can hear it really loud at night when you are trying to sleep.

The message that the angels are trying to give you will go into your subconscious. If they are hurting your ear or it’s too loud, you can tell them to quiet it down and just give you the message. It will not hurt their feeling because their mission is to serve you and get the message through to you.

You will discover that they will say something that will bring a beautiful and emotional feeling to you. Do not worry about it being something bad or negative entity, they cannot reach this high vibration of this level so don’t be afraid. They cannot reach this divine place of love and frequency.

Here are some examples of frequencies by spiritual beings:

  • Angels sound like Shakespearean and are very direct with few sentences.
  • Our deceased ones sound just like they did when they were alive. My sister called me by the nickname she had for me. That’s how I knew it was her.
  • The archangels are loud as God’s voice, very direct, but with Divine love and giving you a feeling of greatness, warm love, and respect.

You will know and have no doubt now when some of these things happen to you. I wish someone would have explained this to me. I may not have dismissed it and prayed that it would go away.


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