Activation of Items for Positive Energy

This may seem silly or weird. I have used my Curandero skills and ability for activativation of items for positive energy, like figures of Angels, gems or stones, vitamins, or medications. I do this by first using my pendulum to check on the energy already in them. For example, my vitamin D3, I don’t always get out to bathe in the sun for its nutritional and precious D3. Activation enhances the vitamins.

I check for the size of the clockwise circle my pendulum is making. Some have little energy in them. But to activate the Vitamin D3 I write the sacred symbols in the air and grab them from the air and throw them in the bottle 3 times.

You test to check the extension of the pendulum circle, and it will show you how much more the vitamin was energized in that instant. It’s an amazing process, instant gratification of the process.

I also bought some angel figures a crystal one, a red angel and a golden angel. So, I wanted to experience activating them with positive energy, I had placed them above the wall by my bed.  I prayed and held them in my hand asked for their protection and positive energy.

Again, I used my pendulum to check their energy, their energy was good, but when I activated them with the Reiki sacred symbols the pendulum went swinging making wide clockwise circles.

I also check the positive energy of precious gemstones.  I activate again with the sacred Reiki symbols, cubbing them in my hand and pray over them. Again, I check with my pendulum and the energy is positive.


I also learned the hard way, that placing positive energy on let’s say gems, do not place them in your bedroom. That would be putting out too much energy and it will not let you sleep.

Too much positive energy in your bedroom prevents a full night of sleeping deeply. I took out the gems stones that I had activated with positive energy. The energy will not let you sleep.

I use prayer and the sacred Reiki symbols to activate the positive energy on my plants as well. My car, protection on my house, my children, grandkids, friends, relatives. My food. My body for healing and repair. All this really helps, especially when adding the white light of the divine spirit source.

I found some little figures of a man and one of a woman.  I use these when I am sending healing to someone who needs healing. Cupping the figure in your hands and imagine the person in your mind’s eye. Place the divine white light all around the body and then send them the healing light where the pain or illness is and hold that image as long as you can.

It can help if you pray to their angels or spirit guides for intervention if needed. Use the connecting to your angel’s guide provided earlier in another chapter. I go through my angels to get connect to someone’s angels to check on their health or if the long-distance healing worked.

Many of these processes are awesome, and you can use prayer and healing methods in many ways, use your creative imagination. All this works, it just takes patience and practice.



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