Are gemstones or crystals magical?

I love these stones; they support my energy and give me a sense of power. Are gemstones or crystals magical? Some of us carry these stones on us.  They give us more strength in whatever we need. They can be activated with more power and the ability to heal or keep us healthy. Some bring peace in our lives, peace in our energy, and many other feelings and experiences.

I would like to share some of my favorites with you. One of them is the Amethyst – it’s one that I have as jewelry. It is purple in color and it is from the quartz family. said that it attracts peace, banish bad dreams, so of course, you just might have to place it under your pillow. This is good to place under a child’s pillow to prevent nightmares.

The other is the Aquamarine gemstone- is said to help with the enhancement of our psychic powers. It’s a birthstone for the month of March as well. Also promotes peace and courage. Another stone I keep around the house is the clear quartz crystal, It is supposed to be one of the most powerful stones.

Sometimes called the “witches mirror” because it is believed you can view the future by gazing into it. I have one in the shape of a ball. I have tried to gaze at it to see if I can see or get an answer, but I have not had the chance to stare at it long enough.  Our Indian friends place them on their ceremonial wands.

I have seen people wear copper as a bracelet, Copper is to promote health. Every powerful metal. Of course, it turns your wrist green when sweat hits it. Its energy is both electrical and physical.

I use the coral, even if it is not a stone, but I use it for protection and place them on my window seals, on my doorways, in my car. To is to protect us from negative energies, from entities, and from people with bad intentions. Some of these stones truly work.

I was going to have a visitor and left the back door to my house unlocked, so they could come to my home while I was a work. I have always placed a coral stone by my door and activated it to keep negative people out. As my visitor came to open the door, she called me and said the door must be locked she couldn’t open it.

But I knew I had left it unlocked. She stated she was tired from the long trip and just wanted to lay down. I told her to take a couple of breaths and calm down her energy. it was negative and she was frustrated from the trip.

While she was doing that, I explained the stone, that was nearby, and had her hold it to calm down her energy. Now, “open the door” I requested.

To her surprise, the door opened. I love those stones. She could not believe it. She went to the store where they sell some different kinds of stones and bought some.

One of my other favorites is the “tiger’s eye”, it is a yellow stone with some brown.  It promotes wealth and gamblers wear it to assist with their financial problems. Does it work? I have not tried it for myself. But now I will.

It is so much fun to go through some of my gemstone collections and remind myself why I use them. These are just some of the stones I use in my healings. I have many of them. I recommend you look up some of your favorites and check out their strengths. They are so much fun to use and feel their energy. You will be surprised to feel their energic power.

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