Are You Hearing Voices?

Have you ever heard someone call your name and it wakes you up? Or you hear voices as if someone called your name. At times you’re in the store or a crowd? You look around and there is no one there looking for you. It kind of scares you, well, stay calm, it is probably a loved one letting you know that they are “OK”.  Sometimes, people’s thoughts are coming through and the phone rings and it’s that person you were just thinking about.

In the mornings we hear a voice, very clearly in your mind. It says your name, am I losing it you may ask yourself? Usually when we hear a voice call out our name in the morning, or anytime and there is no one there. It means that our angels or guides simply want to say hello to us. It’s easier to deliver a greeting when we’re just waking up. No, you would know if you are going crazy.

My mom who was a Curandera, always would say, “a crazy person would not be asking themselves if they were going crazy, only a sane person would ask”. A crazy person would not be asking that question to themselves.

Our minds are more open to spiritual communications early in the mornings or when we just opened our eyes from sleeping. Here is something that happens to me regularly.  Have you been in bed and the covers feel like someone just moved them?

Or the bed was gently pushed? Feel any goosebumps? Someone is visiting and saying hello, or a newly departed one has come to let you know that they are ok and giving you a loving greeting?

Vibrations are very strong when someone is thinking of you or you of them. The phone rings and it’s them. Now, it’s e-mail, Facebook, Messenger, or our new technical world.  I was just thinking of that person. We can send our vibrations many miles from us to those we are thinking of. Thoughts travel very fast.

When asking a question to our heavenly angels or our guides, through our prayers, or through meditation in asking a question it can be answered just a quick. The answer could be in a song lyric or in a song that has been on your mind repeating itself over and over in your mind. The answer could be in the lyrics.

I was assigned to pick a song for the funeral of a special friend. I asked her in spirit what song she would prefer and all of a sudden on the radio a song called “Amazing Grace” started to play. It was perfect. Everyone loved that song and the family stated that was her favorite song. Sometimes, on my way home from work, and I am listening to some songs on the radio and “Amazing Grace” starts playing, I know and feel she is saying “Hello.”

If you are concerned about the true identity of a voice that’s speaking to you simply ask your “caller” to identify himself or herself. You will discover that the entity will say or do something that will stir emotions within you or will be something that only that particular being could do or say.

Loved deceased ones will sound just as they did when they were living. Their voice may sound strong because they are no longer feeling the pain and hurt. Remember to always bring in your angels and guides for assurance. Always use white light for protection. This will help you feel shielded and guarded.

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