Child healed from Nightmares

I received a phone call from a woman I had seen once before. This lady was related to one of my other clients. She wanted to see if she could make an appointment to see me.

She wanted to know if I could help her little boy who was eight years old. she was hoping I could help her child heal from nightmares. He had not been able to get a good night’s sleep because he was waking up from nightmares and crying wanting to hug and sleep with mom and dad. As always use the Divine white light for protection and all my spirit companions to assist me with my work.

In one of his conversations with mom. He mentioned he was afraid that in his dreams he saw his mom and dad killed by men in uniforms.

Mom stated he took her son to the Doctor and stated he could give him sleeping pills, but nightmares are some things all kids go through, and will eventually grow out of, and to give him some time. The boy will eventually fall asleep through the night.

I asked the little boy what was his name? “Carlitos” he answered Do you know who is God and the Angels? He said he goes to bible school on Sundays and the nuns read a book to them, talking about God and the angels…

While I investigated mom and dad some more, I asked them if they had talked to the boy about things happening to the family that scared the boy or if maybe the older children play scary games, or does he watch scary movies?

While mom and dad conversed with me. I gave Carlitos a bottle of bubbles to play with. I told him to make me big bubbles and to look and see how many colors he could recognize and tell me the colors you see in the bubbles.

While little Carlitos was playing with the bubbles, mom mentioned that they had a family meeting and discussed a safety plan just in case ICE (immigration Customs Enforcements) came to take the parents, where to go and what to do.

They felt it was something the family as a whole needed to be brought into and they felt that Carlitos needed to be involved and avoid being placed in cages like the other children already there.

During my talks with his parents, Carlitos would shout out the colors he saw in the bubbles and would tell me when he had blown a large bubble.

After talking to his parents, I asked Carlito to tell me one of his dreams. He almost started crying during his story.

He dreams that his mom and dad are killed in his dreams by men, like police, and taken away, he is left all alone. Doesn’t know where his parents are, and that is when he wakes up and starts screaming for his mom and dad.

I asked Carlitos if he knows who God is? He said, “yes, he is our God who is supposed to take care of us because he loves us”. How about the angels? what do the Nuns tell you about them?

“They protect us too.” I asked Carlitos if he enjoyed going swimming and had to hold his breath and not breathe when his head was underwater, like a swimming pool? “yes, at a friends house, they had a swimming pool and they played in it and drove into pickup toys deep in the swimming pool. Mom explained.

OK, just like in the swimming pool, to take a deep breath and hold your breath and when I tell you to blow out the air OK? Carlitos did just as I showed him.

Breathe now! I explained to him that I was going to talk to him about using his imagination, placing you in the bubble what colors do you see?, protected by God and his angels. Can you see yourself inside the bubble?

We practiced this several times. Still using your imagination, fill it with all the beautiful colors you already saw, the pretty blue, bright yellow, pretty green, bright reds.

All these colors will protect you. Now, let’s use the color gold in circling the whole bubble with you in it. Now let’s see how fast you can place yourself in the bubble.

When I say bubble, put yourself in the protected bubble of God and your angels, ready go! Carlitos closed his eyes, I waited, “OK, I am in”. Let see if we can do much faster OK?  We did this for about 3 more minutes.

He got quicker every time. While talking to his parents during that time, I would say” bubble” Carlitos would close his eyes and say ok! OK, meant he was in his bubble. We talked a little more and practiced getting into the bubble.  I gave him the bubble bottle as a gift as he left.

Mom called me a couple of days later, to thank me. Carlitos says “bubble” just before he goes to sleep. He has passed this style of protection to his brothers and sisters.

ICE has left them alone so far.



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