Clearing of Energy Cords

Have you ever felt tired, cranky, or even depressed or had a client who felt this way and did not really know why?  If you work with the public, it could be by working with others people’s negative energy. If you work within a job helping people, your exposure to these toxic emotions is especially high. It is essential to clear these energies from yourself by clearing some energy cords regularly.

Here are some good clearing methods of the bad energy:

Use plants-This method is probably the simplest way to clear oneself of psychic debris.  I use a plant or a lawn weed, pull it out of the ground, and sweep myself with and as always, when using nature, always thank it for its use of clearing anything. Give it back to the earth.  Always ask Mother Azna for help with this process. Also, place the sacred Reiki Symbols to help. This makes the clearing more powerful.

Just like plants convert carbon dioxide into the fresh air, they also transmit lower energies. Greenery is especially helpful in ridding our bodies of energetic toxins. I use this in my Curandera practice frequently as well.

Angels recommend we keep plants close to our beds. A potted plant on our nightstand can do wonders while we sleep. Sleeping heals us physically and emotionally because it absorbs the heavy energy collected during the day. Live plants It automatically collects the energy and re-cycles it.

Don’t forget to use the symbols on the plant’s soil as well. Remember that the plants absorb the energy in the air and turns it into positive energy for all to enjoy.

If at work, you deal with people (where you are in an open position to receiving released negativity), place plants near your workstation, or the interviewing room. Using the plant to direct all negative energy big or small into the plant’s soil..

Here is something interesting. Ancient Chinese art recommends staying away from pointy leaves and, and prickly leaves because their swordlike leaves don’t promote positive energy flow.


Anyone who works with other people offering acts of kindness should know that sometimes people will attach themselves to you. A person could form a fear-based attachment to you such as being afraid that you will leave them or believing that you are their source of energy or happiness.

A cord has been constructed between the both of you.  The cords resemble a biblical cord. Tube-like form, attached to the belly, heart, and major parts of the body.

You can use this method on someone who has just broken up with a significant other..  Cutting the cord from someone who has just detached themselves from a boyfriend or girlfriend is very healing. They will still feel love for that person without the emotional pain.

They will miss the person, but the emotional pain will be gone. I use a representation of scissors or a knife to cut the cords from them for healing. Or using my imagination of a knife or scissors works as well. I also have them delete their significant other’s phone numbers from their phone. They will still place it back later, but deleting it at the moment of cord-cutting is also a way to heal from the emotional pain.

Anytime, that you have helped someone and you start feeling tired, or sad. It is a good idea to cut off toxic energy cords. You are just severing the fearful co-dependent and dysfunctional fearful area of that relationship with that client. The loving part remains attached.;

Take a couple of breaths, be silent for a few moments. Take another breath, as breathing actually opens the door for angels to help you. Now relax and come to peace with yourself.

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