Curandero healing & weight loss

Let us start by placing the sacred symbols of Reiki, and asking our guides and angels to help us with the strength and willpower to continue with this new goal, and ask for help from all those ascending masters that you believe in. There are many helpers you can call upon. Could Curanderismo be used for healing and weight loss?

Has weight gain been a problem for you? How could that be a problem for you? What triggers your appetite. Is it what we eat? Or is it how much we eat? When people are younger, it’s easier to lose that weight, with just minor exercise.  It’s harder if, like kids today, play games indoors, or on their computers or phones. Everywhere you turn you see people on their phones and now with the virus, it’s harder to go to the gym.

Everything is using your computer now. Life is easier because you can now order groceries by using your computer and someone will deliver it right to your doorstep. That’s wonderful if you are a recluse and don’t want to go out at all. You are too busy working and keeping house, you do not have time.

So, how are we getting our exercise? Our bodies need some sort of movement. Our blood depends on it. I had a sister-in-law that was going to college and sat around a lot, one day, So, Linda (not her real name) got up off the couch, and she instantly fell to the floor. Unfortunately, her son came home and found her. He thought she was asleep and tried to wake her up. She was dead.

According to the autopsy, showed a blood clot hit her heart and killed her. Why? According to the Doctor who checked this out. Linda had hit her leg earlier that week, there was a bruise on her leg. Since all she did was study and not move her bruise stood still and accumulated more blood. When she did get up it traveled to her heart. A blood clot was too big to travel through her blood’s heart veins.  So this tells me, we should move frequently during the time we all are on the computers and exercise.

An Easy way to Fix Your Health

First love yourself, be kind to yourself when you look in the mirror. Start appreciating you.

Let’s start with the size of the portions because ultimately, that is usually most important, and it should be the easiest to fix. As with everything else in this book, our objective here is to start with small changes that will add up to make a profound difference.

Rather than trying to eliminate all carbohydrates or all fats, we are going to take a much more sensible approach. Removing a whole food group is not a good idea anyway. Reducing carbs lowers testosterone and energy levels while reducing fats can harm your brain function and your ability to absorb nutrients.

It is not rocket science. The stuff we should be removed is the highly processed empty calories that also happen to be the simple carbs (meaning they spike the blood sugar and then cause us to crash). These include things like:

  • Chocolates (except for dark chocolate)
  • French fries
  • Hamburgers
  • Cake
  • Chips
  • White bread
  • Candy
  • Soda drinks. Drink lots of cool water or flavor it with lime, lemon, or any fruit of your choice.

All of these spikes the blood sugar, dump a whole load of calories into your system and don’t provide any of the crucial nutrients. Simply by cutting out these processed foods, you will be reducing a lot of calories but we’re going to go one step further by making you stick to an incredibly rigid and strict input… for just the first two meals of the day.

Simply by cutting out these processed foods, you will be reducing a lot of calories but we’re going to go one step further by making you stick to an incredibly rigid and strict input… for just the first two meals of the day.

Using prayer and meditation to give you strength and the willpower to continue with this magical and very effective method to place yourself where you want to be. Using curandero methods, praying, and requesting that the food you eat only replenish you with nutrition and eliminate all other fats and calories from the body.

Also, appreciate the body by repeating the Ho’oponopono from one of my chapters. This alone is very powerful. Love yourself and especially your physical body. “Bune appetite “. If you must have a cupcake with chocolate frosting and colorful sprinkles take one bite, and show your strength by throwing the rest away.

Of course, don’t forget to use your resources, angels, guides, Mother Azna, the Ascending Masters, the Arch-Angels, Rafael, Michael, Gabriel, and all the other Archangels whom you know. Use these resources they are here for you.



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