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Hello, my name is Rosa M. luna, I am a Curandera therapist, I am into folk healing, and a Reiki Master and Curandero Therapy teacher. I am also a certified Clinical Hypnotists therapist. I have been working as a Curandero therapist for the past 30 years. Assisting people with many problems.Curandero Therapy

I wanted to tell you about one of many experiences in hope that you too could be someone who would love to learn to help others to heal some of the people’s miseries.

Curandero Therapy, what does that mean? It means that I treat people who suffer from fears, curses, beliefs that no longer serve them, and many more unresolved emotional problems.

I started some 30 years ago. My mother was a Curandera as well, she passed on her secrets of healing method to me. My mom would meet with people at our house. Sometimes there would be people lined up outside our yard, waiting for their turn to have my mom speak to them.

My mother must have been a pretty good Curandera because people would come from miles away to come and see her. She did not have to place T.V.  advertisements or place an ad in the newspaper, of course, there was no internet in those days.

So how did this happen? “Word of mouth”. Yes, word of mouth! Sometimes, I feel like, word of mouth travels real fast.

The same thing happened to me when I lived in a small town. I had a lot of people as well when I started my small little healing “Curandera” place. I too used to get many people. Used too because I moved.

I was still working and working from 8:00 to 5:00 at a Behavioral mental health agency. But after work, I would find people lined up at my house. I could only help people from 5:30 until 9 OR 9:30 at night, I needed to get my rest for work the next night.

I would have to tell those left, to write their names down and schedule an appointment with me. But if they did not show up on time, I would see the next person in line.; they learned to be there on time if they needed to see me.

Many wanted me to see them on Saturdays or Sundays, but those days were my days off. I needed my rest.

Some of these people sometimes needed hospital assistance and I would take them to the hospital and do the interpretation because they could be turned away if they did not have health insurance.

But back in the day, I knew hospitals had funding’s for people without health insurance and needed serious assistance. Next thing you know, I had more people.

Some of the people could not even afford me, as well, so I decided to have them bring a case of fruit or cherries, especially if it was the cherry season.

I lived in the town that was the number one cherry tree county in all of Oregon. Sometimes, I would receive cases of peaches, they looked like big grapefruits.

Vegetables, like tomatoes, are ready to can. (I did not have time to can), but I would share all my goodies with my married kids.  That went well during the harvest season, I loved those times. Some people would pick the best flowers in their yards and bring me some out of their kindness.

The smell of flowers would fill the area of my consultation room. Secretly, I enjoyed those times when people would give me fruit, vegetables, flowers, or homemade products, like freshly made tortillas, chicken mole, fresh out of the pot beans, some people knew I had a daytime job, and had not had a chance to cook or eat. I appreciated that, more than they knew.

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