Do all babies go to heaven

All this is true, “I am so sorry for your loss” Losing a child is devastating. You want to die with them. Or die to just stop the pain of losing them. There is nothing you can do or say to alleviate the painful experience of losing a loved one. Did the babies go to heaven?

What happens to babies, small children when they leave this earth, be it in the wound or are stillborn, and in cases of abortion? There are many and many explanations that the bible gives and other beliefs from the religion sector and I read some on the internet.  Who is right? I don’t believe it matters. What matters is that whatever you believe in helping you heal.

Some people want a meaningful explanation. In my experience in my life, I have seen and personally experience the following. My mother had twins; she was unable to carry them full term. They were both girls. Did they go to heaven?

My mom got pregnant again and she had a boy born 8/13/1960, My mom got pregnant again and she had a girl born 8/13 the same birthdate as the last child born before, meant to be.

Could someone have an explanation for that? Coincidence?  I don’t believe it was. What are the odds of that?

Divine things like this happen. We are surrounded by omens every day if we just pay attention. I feel that children’s or babies’ souls, spirits that want to come to experience earth and they choose their parents, are meant to happen. It is written in their charts.

If the parents do not want these children, that have chosen them,  they will be born in the same linkage of the family or to those who have similar to the lessons needed to be learned or experienced in their next incarnation.

My other explanation was when I assisted a client who had lost twins, during her pregnancy and came to me for help in healing from her loss after trying to get pregnant for a long time. She was very depressed and her husband brought her in for some therapy. After several sessions, her life changed after I performed clinical hypnotherapy on my client.

I asked her if I could try hypnotizing her to say “goodbye” to her babies, which later in this session turned out to be” hello again.”  She agreed, after explaining the method I was going to use.

While under hypnosis, her twins told her that they were going to come back to her only this time one child at a time. Some months later, after this session, my client got pregnant. She had a boy and later she had a girl.

My client stated she did not have that much trouble getting pregnant the second time.  14 years later, she has not conceived again. The children told her they would come back, and they did. “I received this message through the “mouth of babes.”

My other experience was with a younger client who also lost twins, she conceived again. People who are wanting these little ones and “what it is meant to be is meant to be.” This time she conceived twins again. They were born. They came through.

Because of my experiences in these matters. Babies come back to be re-born to the same parents or to those who want them, especially, when these souls need to finish the mission needed to be done.

I have also had clients who got pregnant and fought with the baby’s father and hated to have the child and told it so, she lost the baby, this happened to her twice.

Now she married the father and wants to get pregnant and is going to be very careful of her feelings and thoughts this time around.  They also come to those who don’t want them at the moment, but it’s their destiny to learn the lessons to be learned through those chosen parents. Do all babies go to heaven? They do and try coming back again, if it is their destiny or if it is in their charts.




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