Do You Believe in Curses?

Do you believe in curses?  I saw a lady argue with Judge Judy, that the person she brought in accusing her of placing a curse on her and wanted compensation from the Plaintiff.  Judge Judy just smiled. This is how serious some people can take it too. But when people really believe in this, they are miserable and it is expensive to find someone who removes curses, Curandera/os do this. Shamans, and witch doctors.

The key to a curse is believing in it. A good belief that many people believed in the curse of Tutankhamun’s tomb when he was unburied from where he was placed during the pharaoh’s time. There was a lot of press coverage about it. Due to the excavation, the press stated that there were subsequential deaths of the team and some misfortunes.

The media made it sound like a curse. They even made a movie about” King Tutankhamun’s curse”. The media made sound like a curse. Because some of the archaeology team died. So, they called it a curse. People who think like this, Psychologists refer to the DMS as magical thinking (part of a mental illness symptom).

The power of curses does influence people of certain cultures, many people truly believe in them. For example; Chain letters, remember receiving those in your mail, e-mail, and if you did not share these letters, something bad would happen? I did not like receiving them and would request people who were sending them to please stop. They didn’t of course, due to the curse or bad luck that was accompanied them.

According to Psychologists, they refer to this as a self-fulfilling prophecy. Many of us would call this “the law of attraction.” What you put out comes back to you. Psychologists don’t believe in the law of attraction, because they cannot explain it. They agree with it and will not disagree with the law of attraction. But cannot explain it.

As in my culture and as a Curandero/a Therapist, I mainly cure it. For example; The “evil eye”, a well-known curse placed on someone who has successfully gained means and attracts those who envy them. The curse will undo their good fortune.  The evil eye is a tradition almost around the world. It derives from the belief that someone has given the evil eye due to jealously, envy, or other negative emotional energies.

Manifesting itself as a curse, of course, there is no scientific evidence to support the supernatural basic of all these curses. Psychologists believe it has to do with a person’s self-confidence, wellbeing and can determine a person’s decision-making. Again, a mental illness.

Are our spirits also something people imagine?  Getting goosebumps, “when things go bump” in the night? There are many things the world cannot explain. Scientifically as well. Just because it doesn’t happen to you, many people have many gifts or talents like being able to see “auras”, visions of the future, some people have experienced supernatural things.

There are many supernatural things in this world. People claim we are not alone in this world, there are aliens from other worlds who are trying to help us with diseases, wars, and other beneficial things like technology, who do you think is coming up with all these ideas? Are we paying attention? Always remember to cover yourself with the Divine white light The Divine white light,  if you are unsure of your protection.






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