Do you believe in Saints

In my upbringing my parents prayed to saints, the Virgin of Santa Juanita, she was prayed to protect our newly born children and protect the pregnant moms or babies in the wound. The virgin Mary, the Virgin de Guadalupe. Mexican saint of all Mexico.  Saint Teresa of Avila, there are just too many to mention. Do you believe in Saints? Maybe some don’t know what they are.

Saints are often shown or painted with halos as symbols of holiness. Do you favor one? Some religions believe all those who have died, are saints. We were taught to pray to the saints we believed in.

If we don’t believe in praying to them why the prayer to Mary, earthly mother of Jesus, of course, the Catholic church tells us to pray the” Hail Mary prayer”. Some of the other religions and some churches still believe in Saints, I do not hear very much about saints anymore.

As I understand this “the Hail Mary” prayer is not a prayer of worship but a prayer of making a request. This justification for asking Mary in prayer is once again found in the Bible. Revelation 5:8 “The prayer of saints “being placed before the altar of God in heaven”.

We, mainly my mom, who was a devoted Catholic member. Had us pray all the time. Pray to the saints, she had them everywhere around the house. Sometimes, I preferred to go to church, it was less time of kneeling at church. But if working took our time from going to church, mom would have us pray to all the saints.

That tradition of using saints and prayer to them is now gone with the grandparents who are now dead. I did not teach my kids to pray to the saints. We belonged to a church that did not believe in worshiping idols.  So, can you see my conflictions here.?.

What does all this have to do with Curandera’s magical stuff? Well, some of these saints are used to put a hack on someone like a curse. Or have someone placed in apposition where they won’t be able to have sex with another person other than the wife or the husband.

Saints can help in doing good things, just like praying to God Jehovah or Mother Azna, who is unknown to many people. I understand she was removed from the bible because she was a woman.   The translators of the bible and the inspired by godly men did not feel women could be prophets or placed in other holy powerful positions probably due to the fact of their monthly bleeding.

Now you know just how long all this oppression has been and continues in some countries up to this date, who can we blame?  Things have not changed too much has it? Women of high positions may be able to change things, but change has to start with us. Right?

A strong woman feels deeply and loves fiercely. Her tears flow as abundantly as her laughter. A strong woman is both soft and powerful, she is both practical and spiritual. A strong woman in her essence is a gift to the world.” This is an unknown quote, but very powerful.

Saints are what we are taught for them to be. You don’t hear very much of them anymore, so does that mean they don’t exist? I will leave this up to your discretion.



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