Do You Believe in Superstition?

Some percentage of the world’s population believe in superstition.  What is superstition? Although there is no one single definition of superstition, it generally means a belief in supernatural forces – such as fate – the desire to influence unpredictable factors and a need to resolve uncertainty or just in case it is a superstition, and someone sneezed, I will say, “Bless you” or “Salud” meaning health to you.

We say something about we don t want some sort of bad luck and we “knock on wood” then if you are ok, that was because you “knocked on wood”, You carry something for good luck, like a rabbit’s foot. Why? How lucky was the rabbit? The other is the number 13, if you notice there is no number 13th floor in hotels and motels. In Italy and Brazil, it’s the number 17, isn’t it interesting.?

Psychologists believe that superstitions play a connection from assumptions between a connection and co-occurring nonrelated events. For example; walking under a ladder is bad luck. Seeing a black cat or a black cat walking in front of your car could mean an accident. For some people engaging in superstition gives them a sense of control and helps reduce anxiety in times of a stressful situation.

How about when finding a penny, or a 4-leaf clover?  And what does throwing salt over your shoulder mean? This is what Racheal Ray does every time she is cooking on her show and is using salt all for good luck. Allow me to name a few more superstitions.

  • Don’t walk on a sidewalk crack, you’ll break your mothers back
  • Cover the mirrors when someone dies
  • Don’t place two mirrors towards each other, it incites the devil in
  • Never go straight home after a funeral, a spirit could attach itself to you and you could take it home, go to a restaurant. Or somewhere else before going home.
  • When cheering a toast with a German do not use water to toast with, it could cause death to one of your guests.
  • If your left-hand palm itches, that means you will receive money but if your right-hand palm itches you are going to lose money.
  • Do not place your bed on the Northside of the bedroom bad energy.
  • If an owl finds their way into your home, someone will die, it’s a bad omen.
  • Trying on a bride’s wedding ring is bad luck for the future marriage, one or the other will cheat in the marriage.
  • Avoid breaking a mirror, it’s 7 years of bad luck.
  • Do not open umbrellas inside a house, bad luck will rain on you.

There are many more I could have written down, but it would take more space.  But please do respect people’s beliefs in superstition. Some people do take things like this very seriously and you would not want someone dis=respecting your belief as well. Yes some of them sound ridiculous but you never know. Isn’t it better to play it safe? Because you just never know. Always place the Divine white light on yourself for any protection.


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