Do you need a mechanic?

I know we all do this, call upon God or an angel to come help with fixing something on your car, or to help find a good mechanic who will not try to rip you off. I have been talking about using our spiritual being in our dealings with all needed help in our lives.

I wanted to tell you this true story about this client who truly and sincerely loved her 1981-year-old little pick-up truck. She related to me that this little old truck never left her deserted anywhere.  She always did keep up the necessary maintenance to keep it running well.

But one day it needed a major repair and took it to the dealership. They said the truck was so old that they could not find the part it needed. “Just get rid of it and buy a newer vehicle.  “This one is now worthless.”

My client said she started sobbing and telling her little truck she would never let it go and would continue to try to fix her. As she is telling me her story, she got all torn up and teared up when she said that she had to pull over. Her sprayers on her truck never worked but “the windshield sprayer gauges on her truck were spraying her windshield and never had worked before on her little truck.”

She had to  pull over because the windshield wipers made the windows so smeared, she could not see out of the windshield.  Just the fact that her windshield sprayer was working blew her away and made her stop crying.  Her love for the little truck made the little truck cry too.

She sobbed to her Archangel Rafael who is the king of healers, and Archangel Michael to help her find someone to work on her truck and just then, my client remembered she knew someone who owned an old truck like hers and he has always worked on his own truck and may be able to fix it.

She called him and got emotional again, called him right there in my office. He said he would come by and look at it. Two weeks later she came to see me about another problem, but her 1981-year-old pickup truck was running and much better.

My client beliefs the Archangels were the ones who helped her. I truly believe that! The archangels are very powerful as well. Every time my client tells this story she is very thankful to the Archangels who saved her truck and kept them together.

This story brings tears to people’s eyes. Especially those of us who believe our cars are a very special part of our lives. My brother, whose neon green truck got stolen, wrote about his story in the last couple of chapters. “How to Find lost items”. We used Mother Goddess Azna to find his truck.

My brother believes we give them life, energy, a soul, or spirit. Because sometimes when you ask them to go just a few more miles to get some gas in them, they do. Our angels and spirit beings can do anything we would want them to do if it is out of love. Isn’t this amazing? How powerful love is.


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