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Our Guides, our Higher Self, our Angels, are our greater source that protects us when we are on the road. Do you ask for protection when you get in your car, or before you go on a car trip? It is a very good habit to get into. I make a two-hour drive once a month and that is the first thing I do. The second thing is to put on my seat belt.


After praying to my God sources, angels, and guides, I feel so much better knowing I am protected. I make this trip because I know that they will actually protect me from even a speeding ticket. I tend to drive fast. I start off feeling the road and then after I feel comfortable, I have to admit, I start driving a little bit faster. If the speed limit is 70mph, I drive 5mph over the speed limit.

I understand that is alright and the police will let you go at that, most of the time. I say that because my brother is a police officer and he told me that. Especially if you are not in a stolen car.

During COVID 19, there were not very many people on the road and I heard on the news that police officers, at their discretion, would not stop people if they were driving safely at 80 miles an hour.  Anything over 80mph would get you a ticket. You could not drive 81 miles an hour or you will get stopped and given a ticket.

I always pray that I will get to my destination safely and come home safely. God Sources, “protect my comings and goings.” When I’m ready to get on I-5, I pray that I am protected while speeding. To have the police available to me only when I need them.

My heavenly protection always protects me. I was traveling one day and my alternator belt broke making my car overheat and my hood started to smoke. I prayed to my heavenly sources. For my Guides, angels and my God to please somehow help me. I was driving by myself, I pulled over to the side of the road and had gotten out of the car when these two men came by and asked me if I needed help, they were two Latino men.

They asked if they could help? Of course, they checked the car and asked if by any chance I had pantyhose? I was wearing knee-highs, and asked if that would do? They told me that they only needed one nylon. A belt is what runs a radiator. These guys made a belt out of my knee-high! They started my car and said it will make it to a garage or gas station where I can get it fixed or get help.

They followed me in their car, to a garage and gas station to make sure I made it safe. I wanted to thank them but they disappeared after they saw me pull into the gas station or garage station. I always felt that God had sent me angels to help me. Who would have guessed to use nylon knee highs to make a fan belt? Only God sources, right?

This is my true story about having protection and depending on my angels or guides or higher self or God.  I did not get the names of those two men. Angels that’s why. Who would have thought of using nylon to make a fan belt? I bet you would have never thought of that, right? Angels!

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