Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are people who — sometimes intentionally — drain your emotional energy. They feed on your willingness to listen and care for them, leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. Energy Vampires?

These are people who feel that others will give them their attention when feeling low on their own energy. I will talk to so and so they will make me feel better about myself. After you are done talking to them, they will say, “Oh I feel so much better thank-you for giving me your attention, I know you are busy so I will let you go now”.

Energy Vampires
Energy Vampires

If you are one of those people that people go to talk to. Friend beware. Once people can see that you have good skills like listening to others and being compassionate, they will come to you. It is as if they can sense what kind of a person you are.

Sensitive people are prime targets for energy vampires. You offer a listening ear, a kind heart, and endless energy. In that way, Sometimes, energy vampires use your very nature against you, draining you of your vitality.

Energy Vampires

  • Will use your time on every social occasion so they can have as much of your energy as they can get.
  • Know you’ll feel guilty turning them down for coffee or a dinner date, so they ask regularly. “May I have coffee with you? “I ‘ll buy.”
  • Or they will ask and go on and on until you say “OK”.

Sometimes, they will go as far as buy you dinner, just to talk till you drop. If you resist, they will take you to your favorite place, go to “Red Lobster” if you cannot say no. I did that and bought my favorite plate on the menu. Now, she knew my weakness and that Red Lobster was my favorite restaurant.

I ate and listened to what that person had to say, with as few interruptions as possible. Because they were eating too and thanking me for listening.

When you let yourself be convinced to listen or give them your energy place the white light all around you. This will make it quick and painless. Have your guides connect to that person’s guides to help their person listen to what you may say and accept some suggestions, and if they are listening to their guides they will stop and leave or make it short.

I had someone actually say to me are you listening to me you look distracted from my conversation. “Yes, I just remembered, I told my significant other I would meet him. Will you please excuse me? I will call you.

I don’t want to be rude, but honestly, you know what they want. I tell them I will send them some energy. They love that as well.

I have a freind that does that, I love her dearly. But I have to be very blunt with her. I try to be as loving as possible. My mannerism has never stopped her from coming to see me. I do care for her deeply. ( I feel I need to let her know). She might read this.

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