How to Evaluate your Dreams

while there may be some universal meaning for these dreams, the key is to figure out what the dream means to you. Evaluation of dreams must start when you wake up and write down the dream you feel has significance.

“While there may be a trace of collective meaning for certain universal symbols that do have some bearing on our internal analysis and growth, I am far more interested in where the dreamer goes with the symbol and what the dreamer connects to as a result of the dream.

You may be thinking that your dreams just aren’t fascinating, flashy, or profound enough to explore. But even dreaming about having oatmeal for breakfast can yield thoughtful results, evaluate this dream.

“Am I alone with my oatmeal? Am I sitting at a table by myself? Is it flavored oatmeal? Overcooked? Is there a horse nearby? How do I feel about the oats? Do they remind me of how my mother used to cook it? My daughter dreamed this dream. Am I to call mom?

Are there any memories that I can tie to eating oatmeal? When was the first time I remember eating oatmeal for breakfast? How did my mother make oatmeal and do I make it the same way as an adult?” Oatmeal is a simple thing to dream about yet, it had a meaning.

For my daughter, she felt it was to make oatmeal for breakfast for the kids and put ice cream in it like vanilla or chocolate ice cream like mom did,  for the kids to enjoy. The ice cream was made of dairy, there’s the calcium. The ice cream would cool down the oatmeal and sweeten it at the same time…

Each dream has something for you. Write your dream down and see what they mean to you. Wait to see what some of the meanings mean to you.

Sometimes, you will have reparative dreams, or you will be having a dream you wake up and go to the bathroom, come back to bed and the same dream continues. Pay well attention to these kinds of dreams, there could be important messages there for you.

Write down your dreams as soon as you wake up. Because as soon as your feet touch the ground, sometimes, they disappear and are forgotten. Keep a journal by your bedside table.

I remember this dream I had about a co-worker who was wearing a pink blouse with black spots on it, she would talk down to me and criticize my work and was rude. I did not like her. In my dream, I saw a large insect with pink and black spots on it. I stepped on it, without thinking about it.

When in the middle of the next day, I remembered the pink blouse with black spots on it. It was my co-worker. That kind of freak me out. In my dream, she was insignificant to me. Your dreams could mean many things, you just pick what makes sense to you.

One thing is for sure, when someone in my immediate family gets pregnant, I dream that my teeth are falling out or loose followed by blood. This dream happens when someone in my family or a close relative gets pregnant. Most of the time I know before they do.

Anyway, many books interpret some dreams, to me they are like tarot cards they help, but you are the only one that can apply them to yourself. Use your spiritual beings like your angel to assist you in those meanings. They are the ones sending you those answers to your questions or to some of your thoughts.

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