Exorcism at a Healing Event

Time for another retreat. This time I made invitations to all my people that I had taught things old Curandero traditional style. Little did I know that we were going to have an exorcism at a healing event.

Also to those who were interested in learning some other methods. Very powerful. I can testify that it has worked for me many, many a time. This is an old tradition in many countries, especially with the Mexican generations.

exorcism at a healing event

At this time of the retreat, I also invite others with special abilities. Like Mediums, people that can do some readings on my people. I try to schedule them for two days and that is fun. We’d do Reiki on that person as well.

I was still working with this girl who had was first invited to my home, by her brother. On the night that she stayed, she had a nightmare, stating that she was being terrorized by an entity that was telling her that if she stayed at my home, I was going to kill her.  I requested that my partitioners assist me with her, only because, there were just too many entities ( 9 of them)…

Holy Protection

Had those who had invited others and who wanted to participate to make sure that those who invited them, place the protection of the Sacred Reiki symbols on them and also on themselves, along with the Divine white light of the Holy Spirit, for protection.

Exorcism at a Healing Event

There were like 9 people all around this lady, remember her, she was a drug addict who was trying to stop using? We needed to expel more entities from her Aura.

I was working on her with others, when she started moaning loudly and screaming like we were hurting her, her body starting moving like the “Exorcist” remember that movie, we all saw in the 70’s about a woman possessed by a demon. very scary right?

Some of my partitioners stepped back from her. I continued adding more Divine white light. I told her “To let them go!” they no longer served you.”

I send them to the light and summoned the Archangel Gabriel to help us with this battle sword and to get rid of them and send them away.

All of a sudden, one of my students, fell to the floor and started having convulsions. Like seizures. I had another experienced Reiki Master take over for me, while I assisted this person.

After he stopped convulsing, I sat him up and asked him if he felt ok, and he said he had never suffered from any form of convulsions.

I used the pendulum to check his energy and the pendulum was going around in circles very quickly, which made me feel like a spirit or entity had jumped from my client into him.

I quickly did “la Barrieda” (explained in another chapter) on him and I checked him again with my pendulum after this ritual.

His energy was back to normal. I did not find any other energy that was not his. The entity that jumped into his aura and was now gone.

He later mentioned that the person that invited him did not place the protection on him. I highly recommend that people who do this type of work, be careful and always be protected.

The entities will transfer to those who are vulnerable, so, in this case, my student used drugs at one time and this made him vulnerable to the entity. He was feeling vulnerable at that time

I told him to call his doctor and have him checked out. Later, in life, I checked on him, Doctor said he was fine. I was so happy to hear that.

With the help of all my practitioners, we assisted my client entities that she collected during her drug use.  I mentioned that she had to get all new friends who were not on street drugs because the old friends carry entities that crave the feeling and need of others getting high and they could re-attach to her during one of her vulnerable moments and she could start using again.

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