Getting Over a broken Heart

Getting over a heartbreak? One of the remedies, I would like to share with you, is, I used this process when I tried to help my sister get over a painful break-up with her boyfriend, whom she loved dearly and deeply. She came to me sobbing uncontrollably.

She had broken up with her boyfriend for whatever reason and was never going back to him. She cried constantly and it was painfully hard for her to go on with life and find a job, couldn’t sleep didn’t eat, just very depressed.

She only thought of the good times, which made things more painful. It hurt me to see her this way. I could no longer stand to see her go through this pain.

I know how hard it could be for someone to heal from a broken heartbreak like this. All you really want is for the pain to stop. It’s like an addiction you are having withdrawals from that person.

It’s almost unexplainable what you feel. I thought and thought of what I could do for my poor sister. It hurt me to see her like that.

So, I decided to start with cutting off the attaching loops, to her body and throwing them back to him. I explained to my sister, that I had learned this from Sylvia brown.

I read other books that mentioned the cutting off of emotional loops from the body or attached loops to the heart, the belly, the first Charka, ectara.

Did I use a pair of scissors, which sounds appropriate right? Today, I use a crystal knife, it has a greater and deeper effect. It’s amazing…

Then, I explained that because we, as women fall deeper in love after they make love to us or they make us have an organism.

Because that’s really the way we are made. Men fall in love with their eyes or the beauty that attracts them. Women are different we fall in love with the way they make us feel.

They make us feel special, they tell us we are beautiful, you have beautiful eyes, they sparkle in the sunlight, so on and so on.

We believe it because if we are slightly attracted to them, well you know the rest. Our heart is attached to lovemaking. SO, I tried this process, because I knew this a long time ago, I had already tried this on myself. “Disconnecting”.

Let me explain, I use to have the same problem. HEARTBREAK! It is very painful. I asked my sister to take 3 deep breaths and on the last breath hold it to the count of 6 in her mind or hold it as long as she can. Blow it out.

Now, imagine, me disconnecting your vagina from your heart, using my crystal knife, I will cut it apart and tie it together. In this way, I can re-connected it when you feel you have met Mister Right.

To keep your heart charka open, it’s ok to love him, but just let him go. Get your cell phone and look for his pictures or his phone number and have the courage to delete one or the other.

This place’s a feeling of closure and an anchor for your heart. Especially if it is really over.

My sister was the first one I had tried this process on and it worked. It really worked! My sister would remember him, but would no longer cry with emotional pain or any pain for that matter. It works better to delete his phone number as well.

From then on I have used this method of healing a broken heart. Other women have had the same results. Amazing, isn’t it?  It has really worked well with men too.



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