Have you seen the future?

Some people have the gift of seeing something that comes true. Seeing it in their dreams, or visions. Does this happen to you? Can you be somewhere new and it feels familiar? They call this de-ja-vu. What is de-ja-vu? It is a feeling that one has lived the present situation before.

Although some interpret Deja-vu in a paranormal context, mainstream scientific approaches reject the explanation of Deja-vu “precognition or prophecy.” (Wikipedia) I thought I’d have this explained more specifically. I bet you too have experienced this one time or another.  When you are doing something, a dream pops up in your mind.

An experience or feeling of “was I here before”? Things look so familiar or you just know what to do next. It’s a strange feeling. Many people dream of the future. You are stomped when this happens. If you dream of some events, you will have an idea of your purpose as a lightworker.

There is the fear factor, I was driving on the road one clear day, and a red truck with a silver trailer home was attached to it.  When all of a sudden, I saw through my third eye a vision of a young lady who was tied with her hands and feet behind her with duct tape. I swear, I saw her and our eyes met.

That for me was very scary because I felt I was dreaming while driving? I placed the white light on her and prayed for her protection. I did not know what to do really? Maybe, I was seeing something that had happen inside that particular trailer some time ago? I asked my angels why had I seen that?

The answer was, “it happened.” I just needed to send her my love and prayers. She needed to know that someone saw her and prayed for her, so I did. You may be called upon to pray, anchor the white light in various places, or teach others how to deal with some of the same experiences.

When this happens I ask my highest self or my guides and angels, am I supposed to intervene? If we are to intervene, as I understand, a person will receive very clear instructions about what to do. Your instincts will take over and sometimes without thinking about it.

Your angels and guides will be clear with you and you will be guided. After the ordeal is over you will feel like “what did I just do?”  Remember that God or your angels would not have given you this assignment if you could not do it.

This happened to me one day. I was doing a healing on a person who wanted to stop doing drugs. She had three very ornery entity attachments and my guides and angels did not let me know that I was going to experience these entities going right through me.

It felt awful and scary, have you seen the part in the movie “Ghost,” where Patrick Swayze, experiences things going through him and he feels it.  That is how I felt. I asked my angels and guides, please do not do that again. They said we knew “I” could handle that. It was a promotion I did not want to experience again. They wanted me to experience this first hand.

Our guides and angels will not place us in danger, it was a lesson I had requested and was not expecting that, at the time. Fear and our egos will sometimes get in the way of our truth, but we will know what we are receiving if we have a good communication with our spiritual beings and God.

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