Healing Relationships

How would you heal a relationship? A relationship with mom, dad, family, another family. Let’s say you hurt someone’s feelings and you say to yourself, “yes, I said that, and it’s true”, could you of said it may be, more tactfully?  Sometimes we don’t really see how much a statement could hurt until it’s too late.

Trying to apologize right after you said it could make things worse.  Apologizing sincerely and reaching

to touch their hand or arm, could help in your apologizing and that person feeling like you are sincere saying something like “I am your friend and didn’t mean to say it in that way, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” I am your friend and I love you” “I am sincerely sorry”.

That might help, even if they do not talk to you again, you’ve apologized and left the next step to them. Or turn it around, wouldn’t you want to feel apologized too? You may feel hurt for now, but later, you would let your pride go and accept their apology. Remember, it takes a “Big person to apologize” it takes another Bigger person to accept the apology”.

Our dam ego, pride, or both may get in the way.  Later in years, you will realize you should have excepted the apology, or you should have apologized. That happened to me. My big-ass pride got in the way of me apologizing to a very good friend. She would have taken a bullet for me.

I regret that now.  She died, but I apologized to her for me been so stupid on that date on my part. She knows now. She said (in spirit) she should have come back and talked to me again, but her pride got in the way as well.  Our egos and pride get in the way of many things.  I try to keep it in check, not always easy.

Another way, if you have to work with that person or live with them. Is to contact their Angels or guides, have them connect, and tell them they know how you feel and to make things right, for one another. Remember to always ask your guides or your angels for help to do the right thing.

You will feel the “push”. Sincerely, you will feel it. Right or wrong, when there is love, there is no right or wrong. Just peace. It feels so much better. Your pressure will be lifted. And it’s a good feeling.  If things are still not feeling quite right. Put the white divine light on the both of you and talk softly.

Have that person understand that it is important that you both have a good relationship with each other and be able to talk things out without resentment. If friends, bring a gift, a small token of appreciation of your connection as friends, lovers whatever you consider that person is to you.

I had a friend come to me like nothing ever happened? That’s not good either. In any way, try using the Reiki symbols and apply them all over yourself, I make them in a big shape and jump right into them. Using the Cho-Ku-Rei at the end of all the symbols to activate the power of love and peace in me/them. You will be surprised.


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