How do animals fit into healing?

Have you heard of dogs or cats also getting cancer or an illness like their masters? They love their owners so much that they too pick up what feelings are going on. They want to take the illness for you, that’s their love for us. Some even look like their owners, I’m sure you’ve seen that. It’s very strange, but it’s true.

My daughter adopted a dog from the animal rescue mission, whose owner had died of cancer. After living with my daughter for a couple of months, he too died of cancer. Isn’t that just phenomenal?

Animals do so much for us, that we do not notice. If you have a cut, or an open bloody wound is involved, your dog will come up and lick it or lick you. They believe that their saliva is healing. An animal will always lick its wound, there is some compound in its saliva that heals.

Animal as Healers

Now hospitals are permitting dogs to come in and heal the elderly, children and they bring comfort to other patients as well. Cats are pretty ornery and believe they own the world. Some act like they don’t care about anything but eating, but they do care about their owners.

Animal communication

I was amazed though about a cat that one of my clients owned. One Day, my client called me stating she was sick and could not afford a doctor or my services as a mental health specialist.

I stopped to see her after work and decided to do a Reiki healing on her. She was experiencing a high fever as well. As I was working with hands-on therapy Reiki, the cat placed her paws alongside my hands.

To my surprise, every time I moved my hands, the cat moved her paws and placed them next to mine. I could not believe this! But it was a very amazing experience. I did hands-on healing for an hour, and throughout the hour there the cat’s paws were.

After that experience with that particular cat, I could also understand her thoughts, I came to visit my client to check on how she was doing. As I sat down to visit my client the cat jumped on my lap and I heard her say in my head, that “her owner had just beat her because she (the cat) likes the dog’s food better than her cat food. Her owner hit her with the broom many times.”

I said, “client! Did you just beat this cat with a broom!” Yes.” She answered, “how do you know that?” “Your cat just told me.” “What?” She said, “you got mad at her for eating the dog’s food!” “That’s right!” “You understood her? I believe that cat and I connected when we did Reiki on her owner that day.

Since then, I now believe I heard my dog speak to me when I was very young. That is it a skill or gift? I do not practice very often. Now, I wish, I should have pursued this ability. I still might.

I learned that on the discovery channel, was a lady named Anna Brentenbrach, who became a famous animal communicator. She is on youtube. Type in her name, or title “animal communicator.”

Anna offers classes to teach people to communicate with animals. We were all connected at one time in nature and could communicate with our beloved animals. We lost it somehow. Or did we? That was very interesting to me.

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