How do I find lost items?

It is so devastating when we lose something we truly value and want to find it.. I have lost and found the $2,000 + phone my husband bought me. I was at a big convention and did not realize I had left my phone on a side table where I was sitting with a friend.

When I realized my phone was missing, I immediately placed the Divine white light and requested my angels and guides to help me find it. I asked the people in charge of the convention and they said they would look in the lost and found.

About an hour later, I was called to the lost and found over the intercom system and they returned my phone. A special honest person turned it in. I was so thankful to that person, I sent that person the Divine white light for joy and happiness for doing a good deed. I love it when people are honest!

I wished I knew who that person was to get validations of my sincere thanks and blessings using the Divine white light.

This brings me back to a memory of my Reiki friends who had invited me to dinner. My friends’ husband had just walked in with a lot of anxiety energy. He had lost his wallet with lots of money in it, including his credit cards and driver’s license. His wife, knowing what I do, asked if there was any way I could help.

I always carry my trusted pendulum with me. I asked for a piece of paper and wrote the names of all the stores he could remember where he pulled out his wallet. I had him place the Divine white light on his wallet for protection against anyone with bad intentions.

After writing out the names of the stores he had been to. I would place my pendulum over each name of the store and ask the pendulum, “was this the store where his wallet is?” The pendulum said none of the stores had his wallet.

I also asked, “is the wallet lost forever?” My pendulum said, “No.”  So where is it? I thought. I got a strong urge to check his truck. His angels and my angels connected. Using my Pendulum I used his energy that was on his wallet to find it. My pendulum spun wildly in a circular clockwise direction. When we got to his truck.  He was searching for it urgently in the glove box when I saw his wallet. It was barely hanging on the edge, in-between the vehicle’s passenger truck door and the open compartment just below it.

He was so happy, he offered me one hundred dollars. I didn’t take it, but dinner was so delicious. They were so thankful. I will never forget them. They enjoyed Karaoke and they sang to me until I had to go home. I had never seen such a happy man.


Another experience I witnessed, my brother’s truck was recently stolen and he was very broken-hearted about it. He lost 20 lbs. worrying about it. He also had his favorite, expensive tools stored in the back of the truck in a silver toolbox with a lock.

After doing Reiki on him, we petition Mother Azna for him to have the police find the truck and everything in it along with no damage to the truck. He wrote his petition, burned it, and prayed to Goddess Mother Azna to act on his prayers.

One and a half weeks later, after giving up. My brother got a call from the police station, they found his truck, and he went to pick it up. He was so happy; he called me right away.  he mentioned to me, all his tools were still there AND no damage to his truck. Someone had taken off his license plates because the tabs were expired. The license plates were inside the cab. What a miracle!

We have so many spiritual tools we can use to assist us in many ways. All we have to do is ask.

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