How to Check Your Chakras

Do you want to know how to check your chakras? What are chakras? They are an ancient sacred text of spiritual knowledge going back to 1500 BC. There is a lot of information. One could spend months studying them.  They are thought to be spinning disks of energy that should stay open and aligned as they respond to the nerves, organs, and areas of our body. They affect the emotional and healthy well-being of our energies.


How to Check Your Chakras

7 major chakras serve us energetically. There are many meridians that our body puts out, but the 7 main chakras are the main sources.  To start healing, I always start by checking the energy in the charkas, this will tell me something of what is going on with the body physically and/or emotionally.

Each chakra represents energy, if a chakra is closed, let’s say like the heart chakra, this person has been hurt, offended, or has broken up with a significant other. It depends on the size of the energy circle spin. I use the pendulum to give me an idea of the energy loss or size of the spin.

If the pendulum is spinning in a small circle, the heart has been hurt by a friend or someone, that was not considered a big deal. But if the pendulum is not spending at all, the heart chakra is closed. This person has blocked love from her heart and does not want to feel any pain from this relationship. Not always necessarily a boyfriend, but a mom or sibling. Sometimes it’s someone this person cares about more than others.

I go through all the other chakras, and mental visualizations and notice the rest of the chakras.  I will then ask what is going on and assist in re-opening the energy in the chakras by talk therapy or using a Curandera ritual healing.

When I feel something is going on with me. I do the same thing to myself. I go to a place where my energy is always there, like my bed, and check my energy, using my imagination I picture my body lying down. I start at the head of my bed or my pillow. I work my way down and if I find a dense spot or use my pendulum as it swings or has stopped on top of a certain chakra. I place a Reiki symbol on it and start to heal whatever is going on with me.

I do some meditation and find out what is blocking my energy, sometimes, I will request my spirit guides to help me see it in a vision or just get what it could be.  Especially, if I am feeling sad or depressed. Sometimes, I am not aware of the sadness, unless something has happened to block my heart or Solar Plex.

Placing the appropriate Sacred Reiki symbols opens a closed chakra and adds that spiritual healing assisting with keeping the chakra open. Looking at ourselves with a wider perspective than we did before all we have learned about healing. We put together layer upon layers of energies and consciousness.

Our divine spark has supreme wisdom. We can use it to guide our daily life, growth, and development in our lives with the understanding of our chakras and our energy around them. Once I see and feel the energy or where it is needed, I start working on myself. Later, I re-check the energy status of my charkas.


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