How to Contact Your Totem Animal

Totem animals, are they necessary to have?  No, but they are with you anyway. Is there a particular animal that you favor? Real or not real, like unicorns, dragons, dinosaurs, or any other mystical animal you can come up with. How would you know what is your totem animal? Look around you, what kind of figure stuffed animals you have around you?

What kind of animals has always gotten your interest in? Think, of one in particular. Can you have more than one? As I understand, totem animals come and go. You may have a particular favorite one and it could be staying forever.  They are like spirit guides, yet not because they are here to protect you.

You may have an emotional sensation of one. What does it make you think of? What is your heartfelt response? How does this animal that you are thinking of, make you feel?

To find out what your totem animal is, you ask, you can meditate or pray, that your totem animal comes to you in a dream. You will start seeing pictures of animals, on the T.V., in movies, in your dreams.  Can you have more than one? Only if one is on the way out and it has served you in this life and is no longer needed. But you will always have one.

Since it is here to protect you, you might as well get to know it, right?  The following is a way you can find out who and/or what your totem animal is;


  • Relax, close your eyes, (optional) take 4 deep breaths, on the 4th breath, take a deep breath, deeper…now, count to 6 in your mind, and breathe out.
  • Using your imagination, visualize in your mind, along the green and grassy meadow, with beautiful meadow flowery grass and soft other grassy plants.
  • Just like in the “Wizard of Oz” movie where Dorothy felt very sleepy and laid down on the comfortable grass and fell asleep. You will have that same sensation. You will feel safe, secure, and very relaxed.
  • Just as you are experiencing peacefulness, you will allow your totem animal to be seen. Laying down, enjoying the warm and pleasant grassy meadow, just a couple of feet from you.
  • There he is, smiling like you know most animal’s smile. You can talk to it. Knowing you are safe and secure in his presence. He is there for your protection.
  • Study his form, look at what color he is, different kinds of the same color, you can hear his thoughts,
  • Allow it to show you how it has helped you in the past.
  • Having it show you how he can help you in the future.
  • Allow it to tell you about his power. Ask for confirmation that he is your totem animal.
  • Request that it comes to you in a dream, on. TV. it will be no coincidence that it shows up in a magazine, a picture or somebody will even bring it up. Allow it to say goodbye for now.
  • OK, start standing up and take a step back into your body,
  • Take another 4 breaths and on your 4th breath count to 6 in your mind and welcome back.

Remember that your totem animal can be a mythological animal, like a Dragan, a unicorn, a fairy, read up on your totem animal to get to know what traits it has that resonates with you. Spirit animals are endless and limitless.


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