How to Experience your loving guides

Isn’t this interesting? I have believed this, because of my mother, that we have guides. some special beings who are celestial are invisible to the individuals’ eyes, or some of us can hear them, feel them, or see them in our mind’s eye. Please have an open mind.

  • Spirit guides are very positive beings.
  • if any entity, tells you or directs you to do something against your will or says anything negative or hurtful to you. They are not you’re not Spirit guides.
  • For example, I was babysitting my grandson, whom I love with all my life, I was cutting some vegetables to cook for him. When all of a sudden, I heard a voice say inside my head, “stab him, just to know how it feels” it is not your spirit guide.
  • I said a prayer and told my guides to get rid of it.
  • Their common goal is to guide you back to alignment with your source (God), your higher self.
  • Or love for the universe or aiding in your life’s work purpose.
  • Spirit guides or your angels will not tell you “that was a stupid thing you did” that is you or a mean spirit or other.

We are not alone, ever

To connect with your spirit guides. You must meditate or pray for them to appear to you in your dreams. Sometimes after meditation, you close your eyes, you will see sparkles of light or just bright lights like looking up at the stars on a bright night. These are how many guides, angels you may have at this time.

Some guides have helpers. But you have one main guide, the others are there to protect you depending on what your purpose is, military, warrior, police officer. It depends on your work purpose.  Once you can get over the fear. They will come to you.

I saw my guides after two weeks of mediation because I was scared to meet them. But once I understood they love me and they were here for me. I saw one of them and he was the one that tried to make me laugh. He was very handsome. I also saw my other guide, she was a beautiful native girl, I got her name as well. That was like two weeks later. They will come, it depends on you. They don’t want to scare you.

We the people, every one of us has our own spirit guides and angels. We are not meant to come by ourselves to this earth. Each of us has a series of guides and angels to help us with our purpose and assignments on this earthly journey.  Our spirit guides do not violate free will or make choices for you or intervene in life’s lessons.

When you want assistance from your guide, just ask, do have an open mind. You will sometimes hear the answer, receive it somehow and you will know, feel it, or hear it or receive a vision in your mind’s eye.  For example, I was wearing a jacket on a cool spring morning, I hung up my jacket. The next morning, I could not find the keys to my car.

I looked where I normally hang them and they were not there. I was very upset and yelled out to them. “Where are my car keys, you guys (guides) were with me! Tell me where they could be! In my mind’s eye, I saw my jacket, I ran to the closet where I had all my winter jackets. There were my car keys.

I unconsciously placed them in my jacket in which I had put away in my winter closet. Which meant, I would not find them until the fall when I would use that certain jacket again.  I was so grateful to them and I did let them know.  I told them “I love them” and I felt a nice warmth come over me. To me it meant, they loved me too.

You don’t have to wait to communicate with your guides only when you have problems or need them. You can converse with them. “Say thank you for leading you in the right direction. “Feel how their energy feels, how it feels to have them around you.

They have been around you since you were born, so the energy you may be feeling is so familiar, that you can’t feel a difference, that is very true, but sometimes, I can feel a different or maybe warmer feeling for no reason at all.





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