How to Hear Your Angels

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I just cannot say enough about our angels. They speak to us all the time and show us stuff we might be thinking of. It just so happens someone talks about what you have been thinking of or wondering. You may be seeing it in something you are reading. There are just too many coincidences. Have you thought it may be your angels trying to relay you a message? Are you hearing your angels and dismissing them?

I talked earlier about hearing some whispering or talking when no one is around and it might be a mental condition? Yet, when we listen to the voice of an angel or the voice of God, It’s the sanest sound we will ever hear.

Chances are that you have heard your angels or other spiritual begins speak to you throughout your life. You could have a special gift or not. You don’t need a special gift to hear your angels, guides, or other special beings.

Here are some special happenings that could have happened to you, and you did not even realize it.

You hear someone say something you needed to hear to solve an issue or a challenge. You don’t even think about who said it, all you cared about was you resolved the problem from hearing that statement or listening in on a conversation. You hear a song or hear it repeatedly in your head.

There are many other examples that I am sure you have experienced and placed aside. Not that we really don’t believe this could happen to us, but maybe you feel unworthy talking to your angels or why they would even bother talking to you in the first place if you don’t even go to church?

Sometimes there is a RINGING in one ear. Sometimes the ringing is accompanied by a pulling of the ear lope or pinching, if this happens, they really want your attention.

If this happens tell them to please speak clearly.  I have gotten this from my clients. I have to explain that you automatically have angels and guides. They came along with you when and since you were born.

You were aware of them back then, but they disappeared later in your life. They were and will always be there for you. Many people don’t realize that and they could help you if you just ask.  I got myself into some trouble at my job that could have gotten me fired. I didnt realized the extreme of it until it was brought to my attention by my supervisor.

I got down on my knees and prayed to God, my guides and my angels. The next day, my supervisor’s, supervisor said, “No I understand where she was coming from and her way of processing her steps.” I was spared. Thanks to my heavenly intervention. Plus, I loved my job and I was one of the top rankings of the state.

Too many times I had been short of money to pay my bills and out of the blue, after prayer to my guides and angels, I had just enough to pay my bills. I was always “grateful” for my blessings.

You’ll be surprised where answers come from and when the results will just fall in your lap. It is a blessing from the guides and your angels to be served by them. They are waiting for you to acknowledge them. They are at your service.

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