How to Open The Third Eye

Do you believe in the magic of the “Third eye?” The third eye is the center eye, which gives us the ability to see across the veil of the spirit world. This center is the functioning of our minds, blockages can result in brain fog.

If you struggle with concentration and processing information and having trouble making decisions, then you could have a blockage in the third eye. Your third eye is located between both of your eyes. I will share with you some of the ways to unblock and heal the blockages in your third eye.

By healing yourself, I mean healing your other Chakras as well. I explained earlier in my chapters on how to check your own Chakras energy by using the energy that is on your side of the bed you sleep on. This way it is easier to open your third eye, having the other charkas opened and healed.

Taking yoga classes, and practicing Kundalini yoga and having a nutritional diet helps. Anything nutritional is good and healthy at all times.

You can begin by practicing the following to open your third eye:

  • Meditation and focusing on your third eye.
  • While meditating, focus on the third eye and if you know the Reiki symbols place the Sei-He-Ki, Dai-ko-Myo, and Cho-Ku-Rei, and the Hon-Sha-Ze-Sho-Nen (this will help with your long-distance healing meditations) on your third eye
  • Gently tapping your third eye three times with each symbol.
  • If you do not know the Reiki symbols, focus on your third eye and tap on the third eye area three times.
  • Focus the Divine white light on your pineal and pituitary glands that are in your brain and activating. This is the part of the brain that assists the third eye spiritually.
  • Hold a purple crystal or an amethyst crystal on your third eye and say, “it is okay for me to see.” Repeat it until you feel no fear or tension.
  • Move the Amethyst clockwise on the third eye and repeat “it is okay for me to see.”
  • Place the Divine white light on the stone and your third eye.
  • Ask for help from your guides and angels to assist with the visions and the understanding of their interpretation of them.
  • Take a deep breath, three times and hold it on the third breath for the count of 6 in your mind.
  • Exhale

You can have someone perform this exercise on you or you can assist another opened minded person who is interested in being clairvoyance. Fear of doing all this blocks your third eye. Pray to your guides, angels, or your higher source as you know them, for protection.

If you are seeing more things than you can handle ask God, angels, or your guides what you can only handle.  For example, I saw what appeared to me to be the twin towers. In my vision, they blew up. It frightened me so much, especially when I heard of it on T.V. after my vision.

What control did I have to call the government and tell them? Did I have control over the people that died that day? No. What could I of done? It was out of my hands. I also got visions of other terrible things happening to people that I did not know or have any way of getting help to them.

I asked God, my angels, and my guides, to show me only pleasant things, things I could have control over. One night I dreamed one of my nephews died at the age of 34, he was a terrible diabetic and lost his life over it.

I told his mom and she makes sure he takes care of himself. Connections like that we can help and have a bit more control over the outcome. My nephew is now 38 and doing well, he continues to take care of himself. I thank my higher source, my angels, and my guides for helping.

Remember, when you are doing this for someone, always ask for protection. Fill yourself with the Divine white light.

Many Blessings.



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