How to Smudge Your Home

House clearing, room smudging, or sagging. I know you have heard of cleansing or smudging your home of negative energy. Let’s say you and your significant other had a very angry burst of almost violent intense argument. When you pass by the area that you both had this awful energy outburst, you can still feel it. Here is how to smudge your home for peace and better energy. As always, Protect yourself with the Divine white light before preforming things like this.

As a Curandera, I am asked to smudge the homes of my clients and require a house call.

This is what you can do to rid yourself of this negative energy. You can buy some sage or make your own. You can do this by making your own, you can use lavender or sage leaves or sticks. Let’s use the leaves on lavender or sage, dry the leave or sage in a bowl. After they are dry, they can be used. Just light them up. Pray over them and request what you want them to do.

Lander or Sage

Wait until dry for about two weeks. Or buy some at any harvest store already dried, sticks already dried and wrapped in a tightly wrapped string around the sage or lavender. Pray over the stringed lavender or sage, request that these God-given products be used for clearing the negative energy or any attached entities, or disturbing energies, and bless this loving home. I also use the sign of the cross, as taught by our religion to protect and lift the negative energies.

As a Reiki Master, I use the Sei-He-Ki symbol, and the Cho-Ku-Reis to activate the lavender and/ or the sage to clear and to request that the cleansing sage or lavender smoke out all the negative energy, entities, spirit earthbound, and any other energy that does not need to be here.

Both ways of suggestions are good and can be very powerful. In my opinion, using the Reiki symbols make this process more powerful.


  • Go to every room and fill it with smoke from the sage or lavender plants.
  • Over and around the windows
  • Go throughout the house rooms.
  • And sage every corner of the rooms.
  • Sage the closets and leave the door open if the closet has doors.
  • The bathroom, especially this is the room, where more energies are released.
  • Open windows or doors to the outside if possible, the smoke should go outside the rooms and home.
  • You could use the bathroom fans or air vents to suck out the smoke. If opened windows can not be used.l

Sometimes an older house may hold the energy of someone that once lived there.  Especially if they argued frequently, had bad violent experiences there, if someone died there and was no longer alive, but their energy is still there. This is called a discarnate, or for more clarity  a “ghost.”  These are souls that are caught in the wrong dimension. More about these phenomenal in another chapter.

Pray as you go on smudging. This continues to help the energy, ask that it continues to clear negative energies as they happen.  Do the same to the new used car that you buy, it has the other owner’s energy or if you have gone to a garage sale, you can also bring home attachments.

I had bought a doll that I could use to place toilet paper under her beautiful dress. It was very pretty; I place it on the top of the toilet. But every time I used the bathroom, I felt a heavy presence. I was not sure it was that doll, but when I used the pendulum it swung counterclockwise.

It had an attachment to it.  I got rid of the whole thing. Smudged the bathroom. The heavy feeling was gone. Sometimes without knowing we can bring entities into your home. Always check with the pendulum if you buy something from a garage sale or someone’s house. Normally, a gift does not carry something negative with it, if it is given with love.



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