How to Use a Pendulum

Pendulums are very interesting objects to use to get some answers, People use them to select things. I teach my students how to use a pendulum.

How to Use a Pendulum

You need to connect your energy to it and trust in your spirit guides for answers. Of course, you can get into the internet and they can assist, or get a book that teaches you how to use your newfound beautiful pendulum.

You can buy one or make it yourself, this will make it special, you can make one, using earthly materials. It’s fun choosing the colors, and special beads together. Utilizing your own creation of beads and colors.

I say a prayer to have it connect to my guides or angel’s energy.  I relate to my guides on how I want the pendulum to respond to the yes and no answers. I have the pendulum answer “yes”, which swings like your head nods for yes, front to forward, and “no” like your head nodding sideways, left to right meaning no.

Or you could ask it to swing clockwise for yes or counterclockwise for no. Once that is established, you are ready to ask yes or no questions.

If my pendulum stands still, I tell it, that would mean “we don’t know.” or “didn’t get any information at this time. Ask later. When I need to be assured about an answer, I ask the pendulum to swing wider and let me know, if an event will happen soon.

I use a copy of a clock face and place the pendulum on it if I need a specific time about things like an appointment, or when something is going to happen., more or less.

I use a calendar for a date that I need to know of, to set a date for a special event or occasion, to check on what is the best day or month to make things easier on myself or others.  Sometimes, people will call me to ask the pendulum for them.

Again, I say a prayer and connect my guides to that person’s guides to get the answer they need. Sometimes, depending on the size of the answer, for example, if the pendulum is swung in a circle tightly, that means there is a small chance of whatever it is they want, might be a small chance of happening.  Remember, I have already trained my guides on how I get my answers. You can too.

You can also influence your pendulum by using your own energy of what you feel the answer should be. To be sure you are getting the right answer, think of something else as your asking the pendulum a question.

For example; think about what you had for breakfast, take your mind off the question. You can very easily influence the answer. So, think of something off the subject. Detach yourself from the question and the answer.

Some people use the pendulum to check the energy in their bottles of vitamins, medications, or their food, Is this a nutritional meal for me?

Asking yes or no questions only, sometimes you can exercise your intuition by answering before the pendulum, again, this might influence the answer. Enjoy!




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