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Curandero therapy is something I enjoy working with because of the interesting and exciting things my clients appear to learn about themselves. Why? Because there is more freedom in using hypnotherapy, to me, it is like a magical method. I used hypnosis with a client that feared losing her husband.

She sincerely felt that every time he would step out that door, he would never come back. This lady would break down in tears just worrying about him. She felt that was not right. Her family would tease her for feeling this way about a man, having had so many boyfriends before settling for this one in particular.

I thought maybe she was just co-dependent on her husband for her happiness. This client I thought at first that she had bad relationships and experiences with men she had encounters, Ok I thought let’s start there. After asking some questions that I felt she could tell me more, I was not getting anywhere. no? OK.

Sometimes, when you’re trying to help people, asking questions and the right questions really helps. But when people have no clue as to why they are having such problems. I go to hypnotherapy. Some people are afraid of it because they have heard negative stories about being under hypnosis, she expressed to me that she had heard that a spirit could take over their subconscious or an earthbound.

Negative stories that are not always true. It happens that when a therapist using hypnosis could change your life, good for the person, but maybe bad for the family or significant other. I had a client that changed, he was more aware of things happening around him. He later found out his wife was using black magic on him. Anyway, that’s another story.

I explained, that because we could not find a cause for that, it could be a past life that was causing this unknown reason. We decided to give it a try, Using some practice we started the process. Using motel room doors to check in to one of the rooms her angels and guides would guide her to choose a door. I explained the protection she had.

Told her we could use her belief in Christ for protection. It made her more comfortable for me to use Christ for her protection, (just in case) she felt much better. This is one of the processes I use is to make the client more comfortable and by using their beliefs. I used the process of choosing doors like at a hotel.

What color was the door? Place hand on the doorknob, how does the doorknob feel like? What is its shape, round, or handle?  Open the door, and take a step in, knowing you are being protected by Christ, Go back as far as it takes?

What do you see, is it day or night? “Day time” What is happening, “I see children and I am their father,” How do you know this? Because they are saying “goodbye daddy” “my wife is making me promise I will come back. We both are crying and I promised.  I must be male,” Look at your shoes, what do they look like? “Boots” I am wearing a uniform, I must be going to war” I am holding a rifle.”

Ok, let go forward in time. At the count of 3 Let’s go to another Signiant point in that life. 1 -2-3 your further in This life, what is happening? I’m in pain, I have been shot, and the light is fading, I believe I am dying.” Let’s take you out of this pain, at my count of 3. 1-2-3-!  Do you see a white light? “Yes, But it is above me. Now, I am in a room, and there is a lot of light around me.

I continue to be in pain, only I recognize this pain, I am giving birth, I believe I am having a baby,” My husband is crying and saying to me. ” Honey, you are losing a lot of blood. Please don’t leave me alone.” I hear a baby crying and now I cannot hear the baby, I am scared,” It’s dark” and Client is crying intensely, so I bring her out, using Christ as her protector. Brought her back to the room, to her lying down in my office. Calmed her and asked what she remembered.

The client describes saying “goodbye” and the pain and fears it caused her to feel like the one leaving for war. The last thing she remembers is seeing his wife in his mind, Crying. But when I was giving birth, I remember seeing the face of a person crying again for me and I think I died again. But it felt like the same kind of deep love”.

Does this feel familiar to you in this life? “Does this mean I am going to die, or am I going to lose my husband?” This could mean that now that you know why you feel this way, it will stop.  You will no longer feel like you will lose him because that person was you. When we learn our lessons or reasons why. What did each person in those lives ask you? One made you promise what?

“To promise her that I would be back, the other, well, he did not want me to leave him alone…” in your heart you did not want to do this, but you had no control. Only Christ was there for you so that you could understand, it’s OK. How do you feel about this?

“I was afraid at first, but now, I feel it is all in Christ’s hands, and I should just leave it in his hands.” Curandera: ” And now that, you know that it was you who was always leaving, how do you feel about that?” Client: ” Am I the one who is going to die?” Curandera: ” No one makes it out alive while living on earth, we all die, some time or another, even of old age.”

It took a couple more sessions, but she does not fear, in the same way, knowing her husband is fine. She invited her husband to come into a session with us. Her husband teased this lady by saying she is crazy or she really loves me. My client no longer feels this fear, she feels it’s other things now. Wants to learn why by using hypnotherapy? I created a person who feels Hypnosis is the only way to go..




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