La Barrida

Hi, My Name is Rosa M. Luna. I am a Curandera therapist. I am into folk healing and I am a Reiki Master Teacher. I am also a certified Clinical Hypnotists therapist. I have been working as a Curandera therapist for almost 30 years. Assisting people with many problems. I want to tell you about one of my many experiences. You too could be a healer and could learn to help others.

I had a client who wanted me to do a sweeping also known as “La barrida” a sweeping of the aura. This is a Mexican curanderismo healing experience in the folk medicine practiced by the Mexican people who believe there is an attachment or a negative entity/spirit that is pushing a person to do things he/she would normally not do. Having an illness or feeling depressed for an unknown reason or any changed behavior could be a sign of this. Feeling unlike themselves or believing that they have been cursed with bad luck; when these feelings or signs occur, a barrida is recommended.

My mom taught me this method of sweeping a person with a broom. The brush needs to be made of straw. Always, use a broom with a wood handle and straw, everything is naturally organic.

La Barrida

You will need the following items;

  • A broom handle made of wood and straw to sweep with
  • A white clean sheet – (wash separately after use)
  • Candles
  • A glass of water

Protect yourself with the Divine white light.

  • Use the sacred symbols for protection, the ones you learned in Reiki. Pray to your highest source, as you know, for protection and assistance.
  • You will have the person lay on their back on the floor by the entrance of a doorway.
  • Cover their whole body with the white sheet from head to toe. Tucking the sheet under the body.
  • Place the candles on the four corners of the body: North, East, South, and West positions.
  • Place the Sacred 4 Reiki symbols on the glass of water. Pray and hold the glass of water and activate it to clean out the negative energy, the pain, or entities surrounding the aura and body.
  • Take a mouth full of the, now blessed water,  but DO NOT swallow it.
  • While holding the water in your mouth, mentally petition the Divine Creator and your Guides and your Angels, and the client’s guides and angels, the Arch-Angels (Rafael, Gaberial, and Miguel) to heal and protect the person of interest. To expel the negative energy, the bad luck, (i.e., demon, illness, entities, un-needed spirits).
  • If you accidentally swallow the water, it’s okay, take another mouth full of water from the same glass you have blessed.
  • Place the Sacred 4 Reiki symbols on the broom. Pray and hold the broom and activate it to clean out the negative energy, the pain, or entities surrounding the aura and body.
  • Using the broom, start sweeping above the body without touching the body, starting at the head down to the feet and up and around the body back to the head. You are air sweeping in the direction towards the open door, that leads to the open world. Do not worry about the direction of the negative energy or demons or entities, the Divine sources are taking care of them.
  • Spray the water from your mouth by standing on the side of the person, starting from the head to the toes.
  • If you feel guided to repeat the water spray, use the same water in the glass.  

That’s the end of the traditional ritual of the barrida, which should do the healing. Many Mexican people sincerely request this ritual. People feel a big difference in their energy afterward.


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