Luna institute of Curanderos

This institute was founded by me in 2002. I used it to train people to learn the old tradition of healing with alternative methods of healing. Many immigrants, or people who work in an agriculture career, cannot afford medical expenses and are accustomed to going to an herbalist or a village doctor taught old traditional medicine.

What I really wanted and it is still my goal. Is to re-open the center called the Luna institute of Curanderos and teach others on healing by using what is available in the talents of healing throughout the world of healers. Bring in students to become healers and teachers to continue the traditional way of healing.

Now, others also started to and are trying to assist the people with mental health illnesses of Latino people. Sometimes due to our beliefs, Psychologists have mistakenly diagnosed Latinos with erroneously wrong diagnoses and given the Latino people meds for those diagnoses many times.

I was the interpreter at the time and they would put me in my place when I would make a statement about the mistake they were making. I would report this to my supervisors, but nothing was done. Because these Psychologists were allegedly the best knowledgeable in the mental health field.

My goal is to have the best Psychologist trained in other cultures especially in many Latino cultures. Here are some things that I learned from a recent editorial in the New York Times.

Scholars call it the “Hispanic Paradox” why? Because despite poverty and discrimination, Hispanic Americans live significantly longer than white or black Americans. Latinos also appear to have lower suicide rates than whites and are less likely to die from alcohol and drugs.  That doesn’t mean they don’t use, just that not many die.

Because researchers have found it’s the strong family or Supportive social network? How Latinos are raised in real authentic families. Our United State raised children have been raised and have adapted, the western ways, which are not all bad but are not taught many of the respectful traditional ways.

In the Luna Institute of Curanderos, my plan is to have many other healers, using their cultural knowledge to teach as well. My goal is to have some housing for the teachers to stay while here in this area to teach, so they will stay and save on housing costs. I also would like to support the community in any way I can.

Understanding Hispanic cultural beliefs are especially critical today in the mental health diagnosis and treatment and both psychotherapy and curanderismo are culturally based.  My future goals are to reach as many people of all nationalities in need of ways to do the healings.

Today curanderismo and ethno-psychotherapy, now called ethno-psychotherapy, are about the same. They are defined by culture and not by function. It should also be noted and understood that psychiatry and ethno-psychotherapy are not the same things as well.

Psychiatrists are medical doctors. They continue to provide treatment to their patients, but only if patients can afford them. And as of today, there are seeing their patients online due to the pandemic.

Curanderos who treat mental health issues, such as depression usually meet with client/patients one on one. They will also meet with the family as healing is needed for both family and client. This pandemic will soon take care of many things that are needed to heal this earth and all of us in it.

All this is my goal and to make this world a better place. Working toward the ending of the pandemic.



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