Magic of Reiki

There is so much I can say about Reiki. As a Reiki Master and Teacher, I use the magic of Reiki to make my healings and put together with my other healing skills, is very powerful with my Curandera skills and prayer. Reiki is all that is necessary to heal someone.


Magic of Reiki

I use Reiki,(as taught by Diane stein) to activate the energy in water, in my vitamins, to take away and heal my aches and pains. I also use it to activate the “egg” for healing the “evil eye.” This makes the egg more powerful in its healing.

I place the symbols in my sage when I smudge my home, my car after I loan it out when someone needs to borrow it. I pray that they will be safe and fill up with gas.

If you borrow someone’s vehicle, always bring back looking better and especially fill the gas tank up. In this way, people will feel good about lending you something.

I mix my Curandera skills and abilities with the knowledge of the sacred symbols. This triples if not make the intentions of goodness and blessings more powerful.

Reiki means the Universal of the soul and the vital life force energy that flows through all living things.

A laying-on hands healing technique that is thousands of years old. Which is thought to have originated as a Tibetan Buddhist practice that was rediscovered in late 1800 by Dr. Mikao Usui a Japanese Buddhist.

Reiki is a powerful healing energy and is one of the few forms of healing that can be used for oneself or others.

Reiki is the universe, the space around us, filled with endless and inexhaustible energy. The energy is channeled through the hands of a practitioner into the body of a receiver. Because it is a Universal, God-given power, Reiki belongs to anyone ready to receive the gift of healing touching hands.

Reiki energy does not interfere with traditional medical treatments, but facilitates benefits, speeding the healing process. One day I found myself full of bb gun size beads under my armpits and lymophobes and around my breast.

I had just come home from my new job and had not worked long enough to have health insurance. I thought, “oh no it could be cancer.

I placed the sacred Reiki symbols on myself and applied the white light of the divine spirit. And prayed. This was on a Friday night. I prayed throughout the night every time I woke up, I  continued to pray during the day on Saturday and at night, taking a break only to eat and sleep.

But continued to hold the symbols and the white light in my mind as long as I could and on my breast and prayed.  I did this all day Sunday until Monday morning.

On Monday morning during my shower, I checked my breast and I did not find any lumps or bb gun size lumps. They were all gone. That same day, the hospital called for me to come in and have a breast exam what a coincidence!

My heart sunk, thinking my guides were trying to save me from getting cancer. I was appreciative anyway.

Because I was concerned, I asked if I could see them right away. I took the day off and ran to the hospital for them to check me. I received the phone call that afternoon. No beads, no cancer.

I break down in tears every time, I tell this story because I truly can say, Reiki really works. Up to this day, I have not found any lumps of any sort on my breast that was a little over 20 years ago.  I truly believe in Reiki. After learning Reiki and the symbols, you can make it your own. Magically, and with our God source it helps with as far as I know with “everything.”

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