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There is no more powerful aid to manifesting than having a good attitude about it. In manifestation, you will need to have been totally positive and ethical in what you ask for and when you ask, ask in detail.


The universe is comprised of abundance, with goodness and available to those who ask and are ready to receive. Receiving is not easy for some of us. When a person offers us money for something special, we say “ho no, it’s ok”. Why?

Why do we do this? Especially Women. Have we been taught that we do not deserve to have or to ask for good things? While many situations of poverty, homeless and lack of; are karmic. Manifesting is a skill that can be learned.

It sounds easy enough, right? But why is hard? Because it has a lot to do with the thoughts that we are constantly thinking. Through remembering, pondering, and discussing, we have practiced thoughts that become more powerful beliefs or thoughts. These thoughts dominate your point of attraction.

Each thought you focus on causes you to feel in a certain way with emotional feelings or responses causing an emotional vibration, which now causes you to dominate your point of attraction. Have you heard of the “Law of attraction ?”

When you spend time pondering, remembering, or imagining something, a vibration is activated within you. The more you revisit the thought, the more familiar the vibration becomes, the easier it is for you to activate it, until eventually, it becomes the dominant vibrational pattern within you.

It plays a larger role in your vibrational pattern, in which things that match it become a match. Then it shows up as an experience. That is not a coincidence, because of the vibration you have been bringing forth.

Now you will have to feel better, in order to bring the majority of your thought vibrations in response to something wonderful, if you feel wonderful. When you experience an awful thought then you feel awful because you have experienced something awful then you realize you have no control over the circumstances around you.

The majority of us spend a lot of time attempting to control the circumstances and to control others.  No matter how much control over the actions of others, it’s never enough, because there are always other circumstances you have no control over. You have no creative power over the actions of others.

Pay attention to your own vibration and keep your much-desired attractions to yourself. Control only what you have control over which is your own life experiences.

It is very important to raise your own vibrations to receive what you have asked the universe. All it wants from you is a positive attitude, love for others and yourself, filling yourself with love, joy, and happiness for you and others as well.

Remember, that what you put out with thoughts comes back to you. What do you really want? Put it out there. Emotional strong feelings and desires for happiness on your part are what you will receive. You just have to ask for.



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