More things your Angels can do

I have sent my angels to my relatives to heal them. There are more things that your angels can do. I just ask them “to assist their guides/angels to speed their recovery. My daughter had gotten serious aches and pains, fever, and was having a hard time breathing, she stated it felt like someone was sitting on her chest. I send my guides and Reiki guides to assist in her healing.

We/I thought it could have been a virus that had spread throughout the whole world. My Daughter went to her doctor. He told her to come in quickly. Took a test to check for the popular virus. It turned out negative for the popular virus.  I give credit to my Reiki angels and my guides. I have used my angels in that way ever since I received from my Reiki attunements.

I was given more guides to work with. I use them to send healing to everyone who needs them. Family and friends, to people all over the world.  We can send our angels everywhere to take care of those who are in your prayers.

I trust my angels and guides; they also assist me with my intuition. If you need to help someone to really understand what they are going through, ask your Reiki guides, the angels, your personal guides, “Ascending Masters”, for help and listen, feel, or see the answer in a vision.  always say,  “thank you” after each session.

I also use them in my Curandera sessions. I have them connect to my client’s guides/angels for guidance to receive help in healing them. This always works, I do this often enough that I forget to ask, I just tell them my intentions.

Telling your guides or angels thank you is very important.  I also use my guides, to help my clients after they leave and go home. I connect to their guide/s or angels to check on them. Sometimes, I get confirmation, which I gratefully appreciate. We all need that validation. I know I do. My Angels always come through for me. I love that.

It helps me to know that they are real. Another thing is, you’re never alone. You can talk to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, they do not sleep. You may need sleep, but they do not.  What does this mean? Send them to work on someone.

Let’s say you are having trouble with someone at work that is giving you a bad time. Send them Reiki with love to their guides, they will give that person love from you. If you are sincere, you will see the difference in them the next day at work. They will leave you alone, no comment. Maybe a, “hello” and will probably make themselves feel like the “big person” and let things be.

Remember, what is sent out returns to you, good or ill intentions. The intent to harm anyone returns to you. The intent to harm someone with this system designed for healing whether it succeeds or not, becomes part of the karma of the sender. By the intention to do good overrides any loss of information. By doing your best with positive intentions, your Reiki guides will fill in what is missing.

The symbols are the essence and formula of Reiki. They are the keys to using and passing on this healing system. Reiki is an extremely simple method of healing. Once you learn the symbols and healing methods. You can make them and use them positively in any type of healing.



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