Mother Goddess Azna

Have you heard of Mother Goddess Azna? I had not heard of her until I read a book that Sylvia Brown wrote on her. Apparently, she is known by other names. Mother God has been trying to get our attention by coming to earth in other female forms.

Mother Goddess Azna

Like many famous females like the Blessed Mother Lourdes and La Virgin de Guadalupe, or known as the lady of Guadalupe, the Mexican Lady of protection. Mother Azna has been trying to get our attention for centenaries. Mother Azna is an emotional and sensing Goddess.

Mother Azna works out of the heart; she listens to our prayer and gives you a quicker response than Father God. Because Father God has the intellect and not the emotional being.

Sylvia takes us into a journey where she discusses the supersession of Mother Goddess by the male-dominated politics of modern-day religious dogma.  The bible was written by those men. They could not believe a female could have that much power. So, they left her out and kept us in the dark about her.

In the bible, it does say “let’s make them in our image, male and female. I have talked to priests and some ministers about her they know nothing of such thing.  Some did not believe that she even existed, When Father God was talking about “we” as in” we will make them in our image”, in the bible he was talking to Christ, not Mother Goddess.

I first learned of her through Sylvia’s books, the book is dedicated just to Mother God.   In her book, Sylvia shows to petition her in prayer.

Here is the following prayer.


“We give homage to You, Blessed Mother Azna, because of our love for you and because of your love for us. Thank you for the grace and protection You have given us, Beloved Mother. We know You have ultimate power, glory, and righteousness. No matter what comes our way, we know You are there for us with Your sword in hand to protect us from the darkness.

You, Mother Azna, have the loving emotional power to intercept and create miracles. Your understanding and love are boundless, and with You, anything is possible. I ask You, Beloved Mother, to grant my petition today…..(state petition)….. We know You will not forget us or leave us. We feel Your glorious presence, knowing You are with us today, tomorrow, and always, ever grateful for your constant, eternal love. I ask this in the Name of God the Mother, the Father, and the Holy Child, Amen.”

When the world was created Mother Azna was there. Mother Anza was the creator of mostly all of it. Mother Azna, is that why the world is so colorful? It’s beautifully covered in love and color. Upon the earth and especially under the sea.

I truly believe that Mother Azna exits.  I use her in my Curandera healings as well. I used a petition for her blessings in this way. I wrote what I wanted on a piece of paper, placed it in a little metal cup read it to her, and burned it. I had forgotten I had done that and my petition was answered. You try a petition and see for yourself. I recommend you keep a copy of the petition.  I had forgotten of other things I had petitioned to her and received that too. But had forgotten I had petitioned it from Mother Azna. The choice is yours.


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