Objects with unusual Energy

Have you ever felt some weird energy from objects with unusual energy, or places, or pass by something and got weird different energy from it? I remember going to a garage sale and bought a toilet paper holder. It was in the shape of a doll with a full skirt. It was very cute for only 2 dollars.  I place it on the lid of my toilet.

But every time I went into the bathroom, I received a weird unexplainable feeling from it. It gave me the creeps, so, I got rid of it. That feeling went away. Has that ever happened to you? Later in life, I have learned that all or many things carry some sort of energy. Not necessarily bad energy, but some people are very sensitive to certain energy. I am.

For example, It’s something like when you have a baby, your sense of smell becomes stronger. You can smell everything. That happened to me when I first became a mother and had other babies outside my family. Smelled differently from my kids. It is the same with energy, there are different kinds and there are different kinds you are familiar with, and when you feel different energy that you are not familiar with you can tell.

When you bought yourself another car, your new car did not have that feeling that you could trust it. Your old car has always got you to your destiny, and when you realized it was out of gas it got you home or it broke down just as you got home.

I remember,  when having the suv that had always gotten me to my destination, when one day, I decided to make a 400-mile trip, I felt like my car could make this trip. I was going to give it a tune-up.  When I got to my destination.  All of a sudden it did not turn on.

Do you pray before taking a trip? Do you use the divine white light and place it all around you, your family, your car, to keep you safe on any trip even a short trip like to the store? If you want to be kept safe, you should. Car’s have energy, old houses have energies, have you ever tried talking to your car and asked it please start, and it starts?

I make sure my car knows that I appreciate it very much. My next very interesting experience is kind of eerie, but when I moved to a house. I could hear footsteps at night and during the day. My new home was a very old house. I was cleaning the basement that I was turning into my Reiki slash Curandera consultation room.

During my first weeks there I heard many noises. I felt like people were talking, walking around. It turned out they were the keepers and protectors of the house. Three spirits roamed around the house day and night. When I was in my consultation room, I could hear footsteps above my consultation room. They did not allow negative people into my house. If they got negative and were outside of the house, they would not let them in until I let them in.

I loved my house protectors so much. They’d wake me up if someone I did not know was around the house at night. They’d tell me to turn on all the lights in the house.

I believe I had good communication with them. When I was moving, I wanted to take them with me. But they said “they could not go with me,” because they belonged there.  I thanked them before I left. I went back to see the house several years after I moved and to say hello. Someone had bought the house.  I asked if they heard footsteps during the time, they were downstairs? They laughed and said yes.   But they were not scared.

In the newer houses, I do not feel any protectors,  I assume that the newer houses have had not accrued them yet.


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