Our Spiritual Career Paths

Have you included your spiritual guides in your career path? We all wonder about what career we should get into; others just want to have a good-paying job. Why not have both? Do something we love and get paid for it. Impossible? Not if you are a spiritual person. All things come to those who put their energy out to the universe. Put it out there with your thoughts. Don’t just say, “I want another good-paying job.” Be specific about what kind of job/ career you are asking for.

Do some research. Then put it into the universe by meditation or prayer and be specific. What kind of job? A specific job you want to strive in,  being surrounded by positive co-workers, appreciated, fulfilled as much as possible. What is it you really want? Don’t be afraid to ask for everything you want. Have an open mind.  If you believe in your guides and angels, get them involved. Would you believe me if I stated that God, our angels, and our guides started this career choice before our incarnation?

They ensured, that it would match our interest and purpose. I have a client who always wants to build things. He would take things apart and put them back together. He was only ten years old when it all began. As he grew older,  he learned to build houses and put them together. He now buys houses and sells to people of interest.

He is very proud and thankful for his direction. He stated he asked God for help to get educated in form of work. God responded and he is grateful for the financial help he received.  Some clients have asked me if I can help them find the right job.

I have them answer a question, what do you love to do? I always request their angels and guides to step in if they don’t really know. Clients have started their own businesses and became very successful.  That was always amazing to me. Others have found a job within the state, where they found good friends and a good-paying career.

Some people want to help the world by spiritually wanting to help the world be a better place. Other people’s purpose is to help the earth, which means they were sent as earth angels to radiate the earth and send healing thoughts to mother earth.

Have you heard of people protesting about cutting down trees?  Some are trying to help the atmosphere and undo the harmful effects of pollutants and negativity that can affect the earth. People who listen to their angels or guides are already completing their destiny or earth purpose.

What is your purpose? what do you think you can do to help others? If you enjoy helping others, get a job where you can start helping people. Help people do their taxes. Assist low-income families or Seniors citizens.

Get a job at a hospital as an X-Ray assistant, ask your angels and guides to guide you. Meditate about where you can be of assistance. You will get an answer but might not recognize it. Be open. Get your foot into something you are willing to try.

Listen to the gentle voice that is trying to get a message to where you should start. Search the web. Do some research on what you truly love to do. If you have serval things you’d love to do and cannot decide, try one then the other. Your purpose is there somewhere, ask and you shall receive. Don’t get impatient.  Have your divine angels guide you.

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