Our Deceased Loved Ones

If you have lost people who you were closed to, chances are they are spending time with you after they have crossed over. Our deceased loved ones, well, they are still here, pray for them to cross over, because after they have gone through the process of crossing over, they can assist you with more help, if you call on them to assist you from heaven.


They are given more power in helping you. They have more ability to help you with whatever you need help with. As I understand, souls stay around for 90 days. Then, they will decide to cross over they will get a choice, to hang around, or get ready for their next assignment.

Some of our loved ones, volunteer to become guides to their living loved ones. They are with you because they care about you. You just may have a similar mission with respect to your loved ones. Being with you is a way to vicariously fulfill their life purpose if they didn’t do so while in their earthly bodies.

This is another thing I learned, If you were named after your dear one departed, chances are that person is another spirit guide. Namesakes (my great-grandmother) always stated with me. Isn’t, that interesting, (that blew my mind.) I was named after my grandmother from Spain.

As I understand, my Great grandmother died young. My parents intuitively realized our soul-path similarities. So, for her to be assigned to me she had to go through the equivalent of a spiritual counselor training program;

In heavenly school, there she learns to be supportive without interfering with free will. She learns how to travel the astral plane, and still be close enough to communicate with me by either using my dreams, inner voice, gut feelings, or intellectual insights. Sometimes also using the third eye’s ability to vision, daydream or see it in my mind.

Sometimes our deceased ones do not know that they have passed away. I had an uncle who was taking pain pills for almost 2 years. Most of the time if not every day, he took the pain pills it made him sleepy. He would stay in bed and sleep. This went on for over a couple of years until he was just sleeping his life away.

He suffered a heart attack at age 93 years of age. When I tried to contact him, he was sleeping in death. I tried to wake him up and when I saw him in spirit, I told him he was now dead and to wake up in the spirit world and if he checked his spirit body, he would not feel any more pain. Using his imagination, he could also dress how he wanted to. He said he had a suit in the closet, I said no, use your imagination, your mind. He instantly changed in my mind’s eye, he was wearing a black suit. Later, I found out he was buried in his black suit.

I again spoke louder to wake him up and used my pendulum to check with his spirit body to make sure he was now spiritually awaking. He was with me now and so; I send him to his family. I told him he was needed to let them know he was ok.

I also contacted his spirit guides of whom have been with him throughout his many lives and told them to explain what he needed to do. I checked with my angels to make sure he was at his funeral service and at the reception and he was there. I thanked his spirit guides and angels for keeping him on assignment., Later weeks went by he came to thank me, for my help. I don’t really miss him. I call him and there he is. Except I miss him physically. But I am so happy he is happy and well.

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