Out of Body Projection

Another mystery is that people do not believe that people can do this. According to Sylvia Brown, our bodies have been without our spirit in them and our spirit is wandering around, stretching its legs, sort of speak. experiencing an out-of-body projection. I have a book that explains more specifically how this happens.  Try reading these books written by Robert A. Monroe, who wrote books about his experiences of going out of the body.

Robert Allan Monroe started as a radio broadcasting executive who became known for his research into altered consciousness and founding of“The Monroe Institute.”  His 1971 book “Journeys out of the body” is the one that popularized the quote “out of body experience.”

In one of his books, he explains what he went through trying to understand where his body was going. I highly recommend you read his books “Journey out of body”, The “Ultimate Journey” and “far Journey”. He wrote more books, but I have not read the others.

I have experienced something like this, but do not always remember where I have been. Monroe would automatedly have an out-of-body experience, without being dead.

I went to one of his courses in Virginia. To the “Monroe Institute”. There they teach you how to knowingly have an out-of-body experience and remember your experience.  I would be hypnotized while I was falling asleep and then hear a snap and went out of my body. I remembered each experience.

The teachers would have us write down what we remembered. We would help people who needed to go on to whatever place they needed to go. People as in ghost, earth-bound, entities. I had requested, if I could visit one of my clients, a young girl who died a few months before and they helped me see and talk to her.

Have you seen the movie “Somewhere in Time” with this actor who played Superman, the first guy who played Superman, he died already, he fell off a horse and was paralyzed and in a wheelchair the rest of his life? His last name was Christofer Reeves. Anyway, in this movie, he hypnotized himself into the past. He did this because he had fallen in love with a lady in a picture, he just could not stop thinking of her.

He successfully found her. During his courtship, he accidentally found a penny from the future and it caused him, instantly to came back to the present. That’s how I felt coming back to the present. this experience reminded me of this movie.

When I was brought back, I experienced the same experience as he, when he was forcefully coming back. As I understood, we were to assist those who were lost, to go home, to heaven, or wherever they are to be.

I help the earthbound, entities, or those who are stuck here in a different way, it is faster and I really don’t want to be asleep trying to help people one by one. Isn’t this interesting? I loved it! Especially when you can project yourself to visit someone that has passed. It was an awesome experience.

Real good book!


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