Practice Magic

In another chapter, I talked to you about practicing your magic talents. Like everything in life. It takes practice. So, practice magic.

Let’s say we are now learning how to drive. When you were learning to drive it felt like there was a lot to learn and you needed to look at the mirrors to your left and right. Use the mirror on the dash. Passing a semi-truck was scary.

Learn to use one foot on the gas the other for the breaks. Practice, practice, practice. You got your driver’s license, got car insurance. Now, today you are a professional driver, and you drive and do things without thinking about it sometimes it’s easy.

When you are practicing sending people positive energy, love, healing you will do it without thinking or about putting too much time into it. Believing in your guides, and angels. Trusting your instincts that your guides and angels will come through for you.

For example; My daughter had gotten a scholarship to go to California with a group of other high school kids for a month. She had never been away from me that long. So, I asked one of my guides/angels to accompany her while she was in California and keep her safe. These guides/Angels are at your service whenever you may need them.

Know that you can request them. My Angel’s name is “AyaKita”. This guide/angel has been with me throughout other lives. Some guides/angels stay with you. After a month my guide/angel AyaKita’s familiar energy came to me and I said, “aren’t you suppose to be with my daughter protecting her what are you doing here?”

After saying that my daughter jumped out of the closet to surprise me. She was back and was hiding in the closet until I got home from work. I thanked AyaKita, for taking care of my daughter and bring her home safe. You will be able to feel their energy and know who is who.  I love my guides.

I was just learning Reiki; did I relate to you that if you become a Reiki Practitioner you receive an Angel /guide from each attunement? So, you get a total of 3 to 4 more guides/Angels.  By then, you will be able to use every one of them.

Even if you are not a Reiki Practitioner at this time. You may have 2 to 3 guides with you right now. I wrote in another chapter how you can get familiar with yours. Do work on yourself. Placing the white light all around you. Especially placing the divine white light around those you love.

There is so much magic out in the world. All you have to do is look around. Even the trees offer you healing. When you are feeling like an anxiety attack, or feeling overwhelmed with problems or worry, hug a tree. Give your energy to them and thank them for observing your negative energy and turning it into positive energy, that’s what trees do for us. Re-cycle our air and energy.

It’s a fact that trees do a lot for us. They clean the air around us, purify our breathing air for us, give us a home, paper, pencils, and that’s just some of the things.  Practice sending loving energy to everyone you love, including the earth.  Get used to your angels/guide’s energy, they are our healing helpers.



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