Psychic Attacks and Marijuana

What is the connection between psychic attacks and marijuana? Marijuana is known as an innocent drug. Is it? It makes you high depending on how much you smoke. I know a lot of friends who smoke it before work, During work, after work. Sometimes, it gives you a good high and lasts a good two to three hours, before you need another “toque.”

Now, sometimes, it is used for some illnesses, it works even for kids to deal with some anxiety issues. There are many healings found in the use of some marijuana products.

But what if you are using it just to get a high from it? This product is also called “dope”. Humm, I wonder why?

I also know some healers use it to connect to spirits, spirits that could help them contact a certain spirit that can help with a curse, an illness, to do someone harm, etc., etc. is this healthy? Some spirits are like genies, they will help you in some way, but they want something in return.

That’s when you can get in trouble. Maybe, they want an exchange of a Christian person, a virgin, you’re firstborn. You’ve heard these stories, you thought they were just fairy tales.

This is what really happens when you have been smoking pot for some time, you don’t feel anything at first, you believe things are going fine, then little things start happing.

Bad luck, little things, like people, start cutting you off in traffic, not a big deal, your vehicles break down, all of them at the same time. You start losing things, just a coincidence, you say.

This happens to everybody every day, right? “What a coincidence”? They are smoking marijuana too. Will they admit it to you? Sometimes. But now it’s legal in many states of America. I know CEO’s that smoke it. They might not admit it, even if it’s legal.

The effect of drugs on people’s behavior and especially spiritually, the drugs are the worst.

Which drugs are the worst? Meth burns the brain. It induces psychosis and many kinds of mania and with it comes along with paranoia, just like pot when you smoke way too much of it.

The effect of meth is long-lasting, even after you have decided to get off it. But in second place for bad effects, is pot. Weed. Marijuana. It’s a killer, but not like heroin or crack. Pot, weed, marijuana.

It’s a killer, but it is a slow killer, like diabetes, it kills you slowly very slowly. It is a gateway to all other drugs. Especially if you want a higher feeling of a high.

Almost 98% of addicts that I have encountered all started with marijuana, as their initial drug of choice. My observational data states that more people get more attachments from pot than any other drug. Why?

Let me explain why? Smoking marijuana invites entities. Earth bounds, (People who have died and may not know that they are dead, therefore, are restricted to earth.)

These entities, come to you the weed smoker, through the 7th crown charka, the area in which you receive your energy from Source, (God), the universe. Marijuana, drugs, leave the crown, wide open, for any demon, or entity to attach itself to your energy or Aura. Leaving you vulnerable to more entities or even worse demons.

More could be said, but isn’t this enough for any God-fearing person to think twice about claiming on smoking weed? Yet some do. I’ve met these defenders of the drugs.

Countless times demons manifesting in drug addicts have admitted that they got there by the gateway of marijuana and pushed their host on to harder drugs.

In case the reader is too purple-hazed to get my point, marijuana will get you demons and those demons will spur you on to even worse drugs to seal the doom of your addiction.

To avoid the demons of weed, I suggest, not to take a “toque” of that “sweet leaf” it maybe comes and is waiting for you to give way with a demon.

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